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Significance of Organisation in a Company Working for Profit


March 5, 2006

  • A company is an organisation of work. Raising itself as an organisation of people, it truly raises itself.
  • A company gathers productive raw materials, puts them through a system to create a product and markets it through its sales administration for profit.
  • They are purchase, store, office, production, sales and administration.
  • Each such stage enjoys a certain level of organisation. Organisation is graded from primary to perfection through a dozen stages. It is a theoretical impossibility for a company to have perfect organisation all over, even in one sector. The organisation a company enjoys will be a clumsy conglomeration of several parts compelled into a chaotic organisation demanded by the hour, the hour being the hour of its having come into existence. This is true of the most organised company as it is in the nature of circumstances.
  • No part can be perfected with all parts remaining imperfect. The aim is not to have a perfect organisation, if we aim at profitability, but a perfect BALANCE between all the imperfect parts.
  • The greatest profit is for the company which enjoys the highest possible organisation in each part and the greatest possible harmony between them. A company achieving this will change its turnover into profits.
  • Then we need think of what it is to organise energy, force, power, skills, consciousness, values, movement, acts and their opposites. As every concept lends itself to organisation, we have to consider in the most exhaustive fashion where those levels of organisation are there and how much they can be raised in those circumstances. The results will be phenomenal.
  • If you have seen the infinite difference between unorganised action and organised work, you will have another vast confirmation of it now.
  • To be aware of the knowledge according to which forces have organised themselves is law. Theory is knowledge organised. Law is the pattern of self-organisation. Theory is to organise action according to the pattern of the work perceived inwardly. Once so classified, raise them one level all over the company. A local company will thus become a world company, not a national organisation.
  • Organisation is a great power, sometimes even the greatest power. It occurs at a hundred points or more. Raising them one level at each point is a great work of development.
  • The power of organisation arises at the level of coordination, thus acquiring a character of the impersonal shading off into the universal. It is a greater power than consciousness. Consciousness itself is a power of vast potential as it makes the blind forces act according to self-light.
  • The VISION of the consultant is the vision of work that is universal incident on a single company. His vision has in potential the universal power which can shade off into infinite power.
  • Silent will can do enormously well. Organisation is another great power. Aspiration can offer the company many times more energy than now. Authority is a known power. Creating an organisational authority that acts silently to release corporate energy by the collective and individual aspiration is a work we can conceive of.
  • A company is an organism. It has all the aspects of a human being or the live collectivity. To discover each of its aspects, grade them on a scale, raise them one level, and coordinate them at that level will energise the organism as no company has so far been energised.

story | by Dr. Radut