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Sensitive Subtlety


March. 27, 2002

The Potential Power of Creative Subtle Plane

  • A boy reading for an examination needs external silence and inner concentration. While studying a difficult lesson, conversation outside, or a second line of thought in his own mind will cancel the study of half an hour or one day, especially when he is trying to understand something that has been eluding him for a long time. He may be straining to remember a string of facts and, if disturbed, the whole effort may be wasted. Sometimes it will take long to return. The type of interference may be such that the concentration may not again gather at any time.
  • This is physical concentration.
  • There is vital and mental concentration. Vital concentration will be an effort to understand a person. Mental concentration will be that which tries to understand an argument.
  • We often read The Life Divine and feel the passage is clear. When the Book is closed, we simply do not know what we have read at all. What happens here is the concentration needed for the intelligence to conceive of the contents of reading is on the very surface of the mind and kept up by the Book open before us. The physical presence of the Book gives an atmosphere that makes comprehension possible as long as the Book is open before our eyes.
  • Two people trying to negotiate something important need an atmosphere where there is no interference. Depending upon the topic another person present or looking on from afar or knowing will constitute the disturbing interference. As the outer atmosphere needs to be non-interference, one's own hesitation, doubt, suspicion, or unwillingness from inside becomes inner intrusion. These meetings are considered secret or sacred, as arriving at a decision is not easy.
  • What has eluded us for months suddenly takes place when the right atmosphere is there. The right atmosphere is often the positive attitudes, dinner or drinks or the setting of the room where you meet. Mother's atmosphere externally is always seen to be effective, internally very powerful.
  • Let us assume a devotee finds himself facing an opportunity 5 or 15 levels beyond his desert. Once he perceives this, he should Quietly Hasten to provide himself externally and internally with the atmosphere whose sensitivity will by itself enable him to fully avail of the opportunity. How can he do so? What do devotees ordinarily do in such circumstances?
  • One who has No funds at all but has an idea or an attitude or an inner poise, by virtue of being a devotee receives an offer to become a profit sharing partner in a venture of a few millions.
  • A college professor is invited to contest the MLC election by the leader of the High Court Bar.
  • These and such other things are opportunities several levels beyond one's imagination.
  • The very first thing that is necessary is to recognise the incoming opportunity as GRACE and FEEL a thrill of thanksgiving, which is GRATITUDE. It is difficult.
  • Mind, at this moment, should entertain ONLY positive thoughts. It should not indulge in expectation. Discourage and eliminate expectation, dwell on whatever is positive.
  • Any negative thought entering by itself or initiated from inside is too great an insensitivity which this fresh opportunity and its atmosphere can admit.
  • One's experience should make him know that this new opportunity is too very sensitive in life and will not survive in the subtle plane the touch of or even the presence of a negative sensation.
  • Imagine the social consequences of a comment by a close relative of the groom at his betrothal that the bride's father earned his money in a not very laudable fashion while the groom is a clerk in a multi-crore company and is marrying the owner's daughter by the gracious consent of his love for the girl. This atmosphere will not tolerate that comment.
  • Nehru who admired Subramaniam's organising talent at Avadi Congress took C. S. to the Central Cabinet. This is in life.
  • Einstein had the revelation of the formula of the universe. What was the inner, outer concentration and atmosphere he would have had on that occasion?
  • While Dag Hammerschold was sitting in his office alone in Paris, he felt there was a powerful Silence developing around him suddenly. He received a telegram from the Security Council offering him the post of the Secretary-General of the UN. It being the first of April, he deeply suspected a practical joke. Look at that suspicion in the light of his death in the air-crash.
  • "Supermind creates by the Real-Idea. Real-Idea is a vibration of the Being" are Spiritual secrets unknown to the world. Are we not to give them the right atmosphere to be assimilated by our Being?
  • It is possible for us to know that right atmosphere. Silence is not the right atmosphere, but Silence behind the Silence is the region where these secrets dwell. Can you create it inside? Can we give the spiritual support it needs to be assimilated by our awakened spiritual being?
  • The atmosphere around us is social which is the very opposite of this requirement. To be able to view any social event from this Silence behind Silence is the only possible way.
  • Disarmament was nowhere on the horizon in 1989. The world, we know, had to psychologically advance some centuries to reach that goal. By the work of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother in the subtle plane if that opportunity arises on earth, what should be the sensitivity the instruments must exhibit to receive it either way - positive and negative?
  • Today all that they spiritually envisaged for the earth is there waiting in the causal and subtle planes. There are grades from the Supermind down to Matter running through Overmind, Intuitive Mind, Illumined Mind, Higher Mind, Mind and Vital.
  • What one can receive depends upon the positive, creative sensitivities that can receive and negative sensitivities that can reject the undesirable vibrations.
  • Complete mental comprehension of The Life Divine requires the following sensitivities.

1. Capacity to TRUST Their words to be gospel.

2. Utter physical cleanliness and orderliness.

3. Unselfish vital expansiveness.

4. An open mind that is open to the logic of the Infinite

Negatively one needs:

1. Inability to question the veracity of His writing even when you see an impossible condition where a crude, selfish man demands your submission so that he may fully exploit you. In the face of it, our faith is shaken. On the other hand, one should feel that it is difficult for him to discover His Truth in this circumstance and not lose faith.

2. Orderliness and cleanliness should be articles of faith. It is negatively present when one is unable to resent dirt in others.

3. No selfish vibration should ever enter even the penumbra of one's personality.

4. Impatience with the contradictions of logic in situations around us must be banished.


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