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Sending Mother


February 11, 2000

Sending MOTHER to men, work, objects, ideas, opinions, Time, Space, Accounts.

  • Make an exhaustive list of all the men related to business, functions at Audio Centre, objects, ideas, opinions, obstacles, Time, Space, correspondence, relationship, etc. before you launch yourself on this venture.
  • With respect to obstacles or negative things, sending Mother to them will fortify the obstacles. First remove the obstacle or reverse it if it is an attitude and then send MOTHER.
  • Imagine the receiving end as a live entity and send MOTHER to them till SHE touches it and is dissolved into it. It will do. If SHE enters and dissolves and reassembles Herself into a figure, it means She will be there for a long time.
  • Mother goes easily, readily, enters into them, dissolves and establishes in the measure you are neutral to the person or idea. You can be positive and it can give a higher result if your marked attitude is selfless.
  • Our list may be long or short but our energy is limited. The whole thing will come to an end when the energy is exhausted. Till the energy level is raised, you can send Mother in turn, i.e. on Monday to men, on Tuesday to objects, etc.
  • In the meantime, work to raise the level of energy. It is spiritual energy.
  • Energy of Mother rises as we understand more of Her. Mother as god, Mother as Force, Mother as a creative Force, a transforming Force, as an institution, as a subtle institution of consciousness.
  • At the next level, Mother who enters into us, Mother who is ever present in us, in our surface being, in our depths, in our substance, in our being.
  • These things are done by Faith and Devotion.
  • It can also be raised by raising the goal, the decision to send Mother, its determination, its commitment.
  • A sign of our energy petering out is the lapse in things accomplished.
  • A sign of our energy on the rise is even things we want to send Mother to later, now responding.
  • Sending MOTHER is only a method. Within its own limits it works wonders.   This can raise a company five or ten times.
  • That which is behind the method is the IDEA or Real-Idea.
  • One can reach the idea behind outgrowing the method, if our interest in the results is replaced by an interest in the person. Real interest means greater interest than our greatest interest in personal life.
  • Thus raise yourself to a higher height. Then come back to the method. It works better.
  • Let your method raise yourself to the level of the Idea behind.
  • Plan to continuously raise THAT.
  • Know Mother more and more. The Life Divine rules of psychic education will help here.
  • Move away from the moorings of human life to the foundations of higher life.
  • Give up the most stifling habit of yours. You locate it yourself.
  • Acquire the most ennobling habit you can NOW acquire.

story | by Dr. Radut