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The Secret of Romance

  When a boy or a girl is romantically attracted to someone, the methods of Secret are more then enough for his wish to be fulfilled. Every single case would be guaranteed. The methods of Secret become more powerful when the aspirant knows the how, the principle by which it works. We can add in cases that defy this approach (there will be none) the 4 quadrants of decision making as a point of reinforcement.

To sum up:

  1. the methods of Secret are unfailing in themselves.
  2. in cases of romance the aspiration comes from the deepest of emotional centers, therefore it can never fail.
  3. a method whose principle one understands cannot by definition fail.
  4. assuming that some failures arise decision making process can bring it to the 1st quadrant and make it succeed.

Employing the universally powerful method for an emotionally powerful motive reinforcing it by mental clarity cannot fail and if it does it can be rectified.

story | by Dr. Radut