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  • The yogi who first realises, later understands what he has realised and how it can be explained to the others. This is the process Nature employs.
  • The other process of education which civilisation employs is one of descent by social evolution where man first learns of the past experience of the society and lives it.
  • To the aspiring sadhak, both are open. The first is arduous and slow. Even that is abridged by Mother's Force through faith, which is the knowledge of the soul. The grace of Sri Aurobindo makes the other possible for us. A mental understanding of His chapters on Self-Consecration and Sacrifice leads him to the first fundamental siddhi of realising all the three poises of the Divine. Thus, the scholar becomes the yogi.
  • Integral Yoga proceeds by integral understanding, which means here to understand one act from all aspects of yoga as it is implied. So, the first step of consecration can be explained from all possible angles. A few can be cited.

- Consecration leads to surrender as it differs from concentration. Concentration, being a dwelling on oneself, keeps one in the same plane more powerfully while our view is to reach the depth. Concentration of Jnana Yoga moves from the surface to the inner mind and lands in the Purusha who is the Spirit of non-becoming. Consecration moves ahead and reaches the psychic who is the soul of Becoming.

- Involution witnesses the creation of Truth and the Apprehending Supermind, both of which are processes of objectification. Evolution needs to reverse it, making the object subject. Consecration, instead of dwelling on the object, offers the object to the subject reversing the process of involution into evolution.

- Ignorance is created by exclusive concentration by which a plane of surface is created. Shedding the ignorance demands going back to the whole in the subliminal.

- The separative ego made the One into the Many. A reversal needs the dissolution of ego which consecration aims at. Surrender, which is the final stage of consecration, aims at surrendering the Being, Consciousness and power of delight of the human being to the Divine Being. We see that consecration moves the being of the Many to the Being of the One, the ego consciousness to the original consciousness, the power of Force that was separated from the consciousness into the consciousness itself, the joy of ego-pain to the Delight of the Brahman.

- The Time of the surface changes into the simultaneous integrality of the subliminal by the methods of consecration.

- Concentration strengthens the Mind by a greater power. Consecration restores to the Mind its origin of Supermind by avoiding concentration.

- Approached from any stand of Sri Aurobindo -

  • 1. Contradictions, 2. Reason becoming intuition, 3. Prakriti is a power of Purusha, 4. The Force is conscious, 5. Man seeks the objects missing the Delight of Sachchidananda, 6. Supermind determines, 7. Jivatama is Paramatma, 8. All seven ignorances are to be shed, 9. Memory is a bar, 10. Separative knowledge becomes knowledge of identity - the secret of yoga that He made public, makes the intellect into intuition.
  • About ten approaches are mentioned above. One can take each of the chapters in The Life Divine and comprehend it from the point of view of the scholar becoming a yogi. Thus, he will come across another 46 approaches. Several of them are,

1. The presence of the psychic reverses the unique achievement of the Overmind.

2. Sat that became Matter is reversed again into it.

3. The three knots of Matter - ignorance, inertia and division are dissolved.

4. Matter is discovered as Delight of existence.

5. Life brings Matter under the control of the Mind.

6. By strife, incapacity changes into capacity of love in the mind.

7. Man's first realisation is the subliminal moves the surface.

8. The ego of the surface changes into the psychic of the universal.

9. The undivine surface is discovered as the phenomenon of the Divine creating forms.

10. Memory of the present changes into the ever-present memory of eternity.

11. Spirit on the surface and Nature in the depth are discovered.

12. Instantaneous miraculousness is seen when the outer becomes the inner.

13.  Consecration initiates the evolution of the Spirit.

14. Karma of the Force on the surface gives way.

15. Neither the One nor the Many, but that which includes both is the Reality.

16. The Reality seen in the Being must be more fully discovered in the Reality of Becoming - life.

17. Let us not mistake the Ignorance of the surface for illusion.

18. Rebirth is necessary for the evolution of the Spirit.

story | by Dr. Radut