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Scales and Measurements


  • Knowledge is power.
  • Precise knowledge is creative power.
  • Measurable knowledge is knowledge turning into power.
  • Measurable knowledge graded makes knowledge power in the measure that we need.
  • Creation of instruments is a creative moment.
  • An instrument is the material form of mental knowledge where conception has become sensation through saturated perception.
  • So, scales and measurements are occasions where gathered knowledge changes into power at a higher level to initiate progress into evolution.
  • Once a tool is created, it does by itself what man has to achieve by his willed dynamic initiative.
  • Technology creates a physical tool.
  • Organisation is a vital tool created by the mind.
  • Values are spiritual tools in all planes as they are skills through which the Spirit can express.
  • Pursued to the end, the spiritual, mental, vital and physical tools can convert involution into evolution as the subatomic particles revealed they are subjective.
  • Scales, measurements, tools, and values are instruments of efficiency.
  • Efficiency abridges Time, Space, and Energy at the levels of productivity, creativity and even evolutionary progress.
  • Abridging one of them indirectly abridges others. It is a partial inefficient progress.
  • Consciously abridging all the three simultaneously converts productivity into creativity and the latter into evolutionary movement.
  • The computer serves as a physical tool for many such measurements.
  • The Internet offers all the invisible potentials of progress that is evolution.
  • The Americans measure with the computer the distance a player runs in a football game and compare it with his other performances.
  • When 68% of the college graduates believe in the existence of the devil, such measurements have made America rule over the world. These tools have the power to make a superstitious nation rule the world intellectually, culturally, economically, politically and militarily.
  • Money lends itself to measurements in its movements.
  • Such measurements help Man shift Money from a lower status to a higher status - from being a thing, a transaction, an organisation, a power, a force.
  • Creating such tools and measuring the movements of Money, one can saturate the world with Money that is power, at which point it begins its Multiplication or even Self-Multiplication.
  • Even before such tools and measurements, the individual can get the essence of such measurements by perception and sensation.
  • Right conception leads to initiate perception and sensation.
  • In the Process of creation, Time precedes Mind. It is Mind that divides the One into the Many. In this sequence, there is a mystery, a mystery of the Ego. It is one secret of creation. Ego, preceding Time, is the sequence of formation of ignorance. But Mind that divides the One into the Many making the ego formation possible follows Time. It is a mystery as well as a reversal. It is a secret that one can feel, not understand.

In the crossing of the golden lid He speaks of the Overmind as a dissimilar similarity. The apparent change in the order is the key. It helps that subtle perception to change into causal sensation. The knowledge of the Supermind becoming Overmind helps to convert Overmind into Supermind.

story | by Dr. Radut