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Restlessness of the Being



  • The nature of the mind is to twist, distort, cut into pieces, reduce the wholeness of the thing to its own dimension. Preoccupation is one of them.
  • Each trait of the mind requires a long explanation till we reach its genesis in creation and evolution.
  • Mind is preoccupied or occupied with an idea or event or a grudge or some such thing.
  • The nature of the injustice, frustration, disappointed love, and so on, is to repeat over and over again and enjoy the repetition, that is, the justice it missed in life it tries to secure vainly in imagination, resulting in chewing the cud.
  • We understand the difficulty of removing the preoccupation and accept it.
  • It is true that the nature of frustration is repetitive and preoccupying. It is equally true that mind needs occupation.
  • Without handling the disappointment strongly, one cannot understand mind.
  • When you remove one injustice, another occupies its place.
  • After removing one and before another takes hold of the mind, one sees the nature of mind and its need for occupation.
  • Suppose you remove the depression and are face to face with the mind and its need for occupation, how do we proceed?
  • As mind is to preoccupation (frustration), so the Being is to the mind. Mind needs occupation because the Being is restless. Mind cannot get rid of preoccupation without the Being getting rid of restlessness.
  • At the beginning of creation, the Immutable Divine pours its endless energy into the embodied being for the process of creation to proceed. That energy is seen as the restlessness of the physical being.
  • For Purna Yoga to create the Supramental Being, this restlessness and its expressions in the parts of the human being must stop, so that creation at a higher level can start.
  • All yogas cure the restlessness of the being. Here, the incoming Silence does it. Peace also does it. Silence and Peace lay the foundation. Going further, Light emerges in the mind, Love in the heart, Delight in the nerves and Power in the body. After that or along with that Infinity, Eternity, Bliss, Beauty and so on emerge.
  • It is not the human will that is at the back of this restlessness but the will of Nature, rather the Divine Will in Nature. One can master that will when one's own will is replaced by the Divine Will.

story | by Dr. Radut