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493. Purity of Science

Knowledge is pure, as light issues from knowledge. Science means knowledge. Therefore, science can only be pure. We know science is powerful and has given us comforts in myriad ways. We also know the side effects of scientific technology, viz. pollution. It has given us dangerous military weapons. The philosophy of science being pure knowledge at its origin, must account for the presence of Evil in life. The layman confuses technology, rather scientific technology with science. We know science, being the personification of purity, cannot generate evil while scientific technology can produce evil consequences. If the leading scientists of the world give a theoretical consideration to the existence of Evil, the field of science will touch greater or nobler heights. The community of scientists cannot have a nobler pursuit than defining Evil as it exists today.

Surely one immediate step is within their reach. Presently technology is a neutral tool. It can be used by man for good or bad purposes.  Technology is neutral, MAN assigns a character to it by his use or choice of use. Enormous amounts of resources are invested in research by the military. After the war, most of their findings have been made available for the public. The latest gift is the Internet. The scientist makes the discovery. The political leadership decides how to use this discovery. Now that the two world wars are over, the Cold War too has ended and MAN is emerging into his own more than before when the military exigency was there, it is time the leadership is wrested from the politician by the thinking MAN, the intellectual, the scientists who are wedded to pure science. The international scientific community is well organised. It is possible for them to resolve NOT to engage in research that will have harmful consequences.

In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, intellectuals aimed at changing the course of history by powerfully influencing it. In the twenty-first century, the scientist can aspire for the role of leading the world and humanity, if he sets his face against pursuits of evil. For the individual scientist, it will be a laudable aim when he develops a keen conscience that will prevent him from employments that will lead to findings with dangerous consequences. In India, the Rishis were the repositories of wisdom and often consulted by the kings. The scientist will be the Rishi of this century if he can effectively prevent the spread of Evil. For that, he must pronounce on The Theory of Creation.

story | by Dr. Radut