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Psychological Health of a Company


March 26, 2006

  • There is a bloom on teenagers that is impressive, charming, attractive as well as wholesome.

It is mainly due to the overabundance of physical energy and the optimism of innocence that exudes idealistic freshness.

No mind enters there.

In children of cultured families of wealth and status, the same wholesome fullness is informed by a weighty richness born out of poise.

In particular cases where the individuals are truthful, we see in their eyes a hope for the future of humanity on top of the above qualities.

Suppose the child is a near prodigy or even tending to precocity, the face is covered with a luminosity known as spiritual tejas.

  • Anything good comes from strength, such as Truth, Sincerity, health, wealth, status, inner awakening. Nothing good comes from Falsehood, treachery, weakness, disease, poverty, slum dwelling, and inner darkness.

Inner awakening is seen in the children of priests, pious people. It expresses as serenity on the face, goodness in human relationship, self-giving in human relations. These are stray phenomena we meet with. They are now there because of earlier achievement.

  • In business or life, we have witnessed scores of great events that spread across the world like wildfire, have dramatic, miraculous, instantaneous results. We take them as expressions of luck on the concerned persons. To concede LUCK to another is to condemn him so that we can self-justify our darkness and insincerity. All these events are because the person makes a SINCERE move, (in spite of his own insincerity otherwise) that shifts him to the crest of the wave of social evolution. Each such incident is worth analysing in the light of the Process of creation explained in chapters 13 to 18 and in Brahman, Purusha, Ishwara.
  • Here, I shall confine myself to building the psychological health of a company and stay away from that issue only to the extent it warrants mention in other events.
  • Psychological health of a company as distinct from its material success is seen in several symptoms. They are popularity where market seeks the company. The reputation of a company's product is distinctly different from the popularity, though there is an interrelation. Longevity is another. Longevity that is accompanied by growing reputation and expansion is rare.
  • It is self-evident that such phenomena rest on national business integrity and on ONE aspect such as money-back guarantee. Such successes are granted to the pioneer usually. Scores of events corporate, personal, and professional are known to us. All of them are unconscious achievements. Now I wish to consider a conscious building of psychological health.

- It is, I said, different from the material monetary success.

- JP Morgan enjoyed it for three generations in abundant measure.

- It is not a one-time expression, or a freak. It is a clear occurrence consciously offered by the waves of social evolution of prosperity and unconsciously received by an individual or company or a nation.

- It lasts as long as one is on the wave.

- It never comes through work, efficiency, technology, organisation, capacity, etc. It always comes through a Person and his sincerity implied (or implicit) or explicit.

- Emphasis on work, technology, capacity is doomed to failure as the flower book refuses to sell, in spite of its great popularity. Education mistaken for teaching will enable one to fall out of the domain of work.

- Man, in his response to the Divine, is capable of the ultimate self-giving as long as the Divine serves his purpose or he thinks so. The moment work demands that he should serve the Divine, he becomes ferocious and betrays the Divine with the same zeal of his initial sacrifice. Sincerity survives. Insincerity reveals in time and ferociously rebels.

- Anyone working for the Divine has no right to expect cooperation from others. It is his eternal duty to offer others cooperation so that the other person can overcome his own obstacles in the measure he is willing. There is only one issue. Our own Sincerity. In this light, let us see what it is to build consciously the psychological self-health of a corporate entity.

- Potentials are endless.

  • Distinguishing material, technological, market health, Psychological health expresses as:

- An atmosphere of JOY in the company premises and its work atmosphere.

- Anyone coming into contact with the company prospers, particularly is happy.

- New opportunities open up and knock on the door all the time. It is noteworthy that people are happy to offer such opportunities to the company.

- People coming into contact with such a company quickly shed or overcome their own oppressive aspects.

- There is subconscious pride of fulfilment in all concerned.

- In the same measure, one can see that destructive propensities, resistances, inherent urge to betray readily are there just below the surface all the time.

  • How to build this up? How to do this so that the negative tendencies are denied play or better still, the negative propensities are gradually changed into positive ones?

- Psychological health issues out of harmony.

Harmony is a Supramental vibration.

Harmony is between people, objects, events, in Time and Space. Also, it is harmony    between people and objects, people and events; objects and events.

This harmony exists at all eight levels.

- Physical harmony of substance is created by systematic functioning of work enabled by orderliness, punctuality, skill. It is furthered by punctuality, time efficiency and space efficiency.

- Vital harmony is made possible by the other man's point of view, pleasant manners, desire to achieve another man's goal in our work, soft speech, thoughtfulness, resourcefulness in meeting people. To arrange the work in such a fashion that life flows smoothly is great.

- Mental harmony and spiritual harmony are very powerful but far out of our reach. We can try it once the basis is created, is found healthy in the sense it grows on its own accord. To create this health is a great work. To maintain it is very onerous, unless each work is done without disturbing what has been achieved.

  • The hundreds of symptoms that preserve it and break it are known to you.

They must be honoured.

It is to preserve it externally.

Preserve it internally, i.e., create it in the centre of consciousness and foster it.

Inner preservation has inner symptoms.

Self-giving, truthfulness assure it.

Self-importance, a thought of relating to falsehood destroy it.

  • By detailing the points of harmony in work on paper, you will list a few hundred points which means constant alertness.
  • Work is done not by the cooperation of people but by their not resisting it overtly. Such an overt resistance is a reflection of our deeper insincerity in work.
  • Discover true JOY in money going away from you.
  • It will teach a world of wisdom. Discover deeply inside the JOY in people coming together. See that JOY is true joy. Harmony results in JOY. Joy is in people, in work, in others being successful in their work. Know them to be spiritual self-giving, see them as such, learn to value them as indices of the success of the inner spirit. Once the skeletal harmony emerges, much more can be built upon it.
  • Give thought to what is Psychological Health of a company and how it splits into various units until it reaches the infinitesimal. At least learn to value ONE significant aspect of it in the beginning, as the tone of the speech determines the quality of the speech. Go through it in the Mind so that you may pay obeisance to it in the actual execution.

- Spiritual harmony in work.

- Sincere tone in the voice.

- Perfect execution of an order.

- Touching the nerve centre of an emotion in a project.

- Cleanliness that raises the spiritual atmosphere.

- Orderliness in the arrangement of objects.

- Strategy of recognising the other man's importance in self-giving.

- Self-effacing attitude in the motives.

- Perfection in numerical representation.

- The acid test is the psychological result.

- Aim is not winning encomiums but accomplishing work.

- Inoffensive curiosity expressing mental health.

  • It is better to remember the Age-old Rules of Accomplishment.

No one will respond except for selfish gain.

You cannot receive unless you give.

Locate the person to whom you should give if you are to receive from a particular source.

Know subtle centres of indications.

Know the causal centres of accomplishment.

Have an exhaustive list of plus and minuses in persons, acts, attitudes, accomplishment.

Any accomplishment is through Devotees, not through capable, organised persons.

One can teach only in the measure he learns.

Look for the BORDERS and transgressions.

All transgressions are self-transgressions.

Truth and Love are ultimate Truths.

He said, "Faith and Grace are not altogether myths."

story | by Dr. Radut