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Project on Life Response


March 9, 2001

Life Response becomes an important concept when you know how to make life respond. The relevant aspects are:

  1. Life exists in the gross, subtle, and causal planes.
  2. There is subtlety in the physical, vital and mental levels.
  3. Further, this subtlety extends in a more refined way in the descent than in the ascent.
  4. Our opinions, preferences, thoughts, prejudices, habits, constructions of the surface mind and inner mind and their corresponding aspects in the physical and vital are the subdivisions we must look for in our understanding, attitudes and motives.

i.e. our response can be made that particular, so as to be one of the many divisions.

For example, suppose I want to write a letter to my brother. The wanting belongs to the subtle mental. The writing belongs to the gross physical. The thought in the letter can belong to social or psychological material expression. When we know our initiative in that minute detail, we will be able to assess the life response in the same minuteness.

If someone has the patience of a consummate scholar and an experimental scientists, it is possible to take an event and formulate the life response in that minuteness of detail from the inside initiative and outside response.

If you have patient observation you can record the inner initiatives and outer response and create a very broad spectrum of multiple, complex behaviour of Life Response.

When this is established, it will be sufficient for understanding, not a complete picture of the laws. Obviously it cannot be perfect. But it is enough to give perfect mastery over evolving responses.

In a new field like this, a ten percent response will be encouraging. A fifty percent response will make the field of study valid. Eighty percent will be considered by the public as complete. What is said above is enough to create 95% responses.

The other 5% I am not covering, not because it is unattainable, but because people will not attain it through lack of application.

story | by Dr. Radut