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Process of Creation 2



It is by self-absorption that Light has become darkness which means light, which is a form, gives itself another form of darkness. It is the light conceiving itself to acquire the form of darkness. Self-absorption is at the basis of Self-conception. As light is a form and darkness is a form and forms are created by limiting the limitless, light converting itself into darkness occurs by the process of self-limitation.

 Self-absorption occurs by self-conception and self-limitation.

 It is possible for us to see that all these three processes are the same.


We know of eight planes and each of them is in all. All these eight planes are one and the same with eight different foci in different planes.

Let us now consider the relationships between the planes and methods. Mind thinks, life energises, matter moves or is moved from outside.  Thinking and moving are acts. Each plane acts in its own way. A plane moving is its action. A plane either moves or is in repose. We call it action or method when it moves, or a plane when it is in repose. If all the eight planes are one, we can now say that the planes and methods are one. The process of creation speaks of planes, methods, strategies, aspects, determinants, and so on. All of them are one, rather the One out of which the Many have emerged. The Many emerging out of the One is involution, while the Many merging into the One is evolution. Again, involution and evolution are the same in inverse fashion. It is for us to see that we are that One at least in our world and when our world is the wide world, we are that One which is the Self.

Having found the Self, we see that our self is of our dimension. In the measure our conception gains in clarity, we rise to the Self-conception of the Self-Conscious Being.

  • There are eight planes, twenty four methods and twenty four spiritual determinants in the ascent and the descent.
  • The eight planes are one plane, the twenty four methods are one method and the twenty four determinants are one determinant and the ascent and the descent are one.
  • The planes, the methods, the determinants, the strategies and the paths are again One.
  • We see the Many emerge from the One.
  • The One expresses as the Many.
  • The One expressing as the Many and the Many merging in One are the processes of creation.
  • That One is the Self.
  • That Self is ourselves.
  • The size of that self is according to our conception.
  • To know that that Self is ourselves is to conceive of ourselves as the self.
  • It can be the self of our world or it can rise to the Self of the cosmos.
  • Knowledge of this theory opens to us the door to the Self and realises it. What the Rishis have attained in tapas, Sri Aurobindo offers us as theoretical knowledge.

story | by Dr. Radut