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Principles, Practices and Strategies for Business Growth


April 15, 2006

  • It is an expansive movement to be accomplished by an expansive heart.
  • The strategy is growing by giving.
  • Working for our profit is to be replaced by working for the client's benefit.
  • Integrate with work.
  • Logistics should rise to the occasion without our having to look after it.
  • Energy - Force - Power - Results Aspiration - Will - Organisation - skills

- Ambition replaced by aspiration;

- individual will replaced by social will;

- personal organisation replaced by social organisation;

- narrow skills replaced by wider social skills.

  • Accept Silent will unconditionally and upgrade it.
  • Ten percent of each skill or 100% of one value will double the company.Decide to raise all values, all skills 100%.
  • When you arrange to seek this knowledge in intervals of work, there will be expansion. When knowledge becomes primary, there will be infinite expansion.
  • Learn NOT to touch anyone's negative sensitivities, especially the client's. Learn to OPEN ALL the positive sensitivities of employees, clients, market.
  • There is no question of "Is it possible?" The question is, "Do you want it?" and "Are you willing to work for it?"
  • Aim at the maximum everywhere not out of greed, but as an ideal.
  • Shift your faith from your capacity to the market growth of opportunities.
  • Work first, anything next.
  • Discipline is Good; self-discipline is better.
  • Anyone can be trained to achieve anything.
  • Don't change the useless man; make him useful.
  • Pay double to suppliers and ask for half from the clients.
  • Market coming to you is the right symptom.
  • This is a method by which a person of ANY age will earn in one year all that he has earned till then. It can be done in a month or a day.

story | by Dr. Radut