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Principles of Life Response


October 10, 2001

  • Life is a plane of forces in equilibrium which when disturbed restores itself.
  • The energies of this plane are called life-energies. Similarly, there are mental energies and material energies as well as spiritual energies. All these emanate from a source of original energy.
  • Life is movement. Movement disturbs the equilibrium.
  • Energy taking a form of energy is an event which occurs in the physical plane as a material event or in men as a psychological event.
  • All these energies enter the plane of life according to the plan of cosmic creation and evolution.
  • Our scope limits the study to human events confined by Time known as history or current events.
  • The individual is immediately concerned about the events occurring in his own life.
  • Each object like a plant or stone, each human being, each period of the day or the year, in short each thing, has its own character of energy configuration whose knowledge is essential for this study.
  • Man lives in the gross material-physical plane, but as he is subjected to his emotions and thoughts, the subtle plane plays a decisive part in his life. The role of the causal plane may not figure in our study so prominently.
  • Two goals of our study would relate to,

- The laws by which an event is governed and

- Whether we can govern or direct the course of this event, such as whether we can monitor our future progress.

  • As this is a narrow scope and a puny goal, thorough knowledge can give precise results. If results are not precise, it may be because more is granted than is sought for.
  • In that case we can disregard precision and accept the imprecise volume of the unexpected result.
  • It is enough we have in our view the wider contexts of the commercial world or the nation and keep our focus on the work.
  • But that view is important without which the focus will be lost.
  • A farmer or a business man finds the ruling prices crucial.
  • It is important to him that his produce must be sold quickly.
  • If he knows all this about his social environment far and near, and precisely studies work on hand, things will be under his control.
  • For example, let us take a farmer who sees that his produce is now exported and the prices are slashed to half. So, he is unable to sell the stock. What should he do?
  • He should examine his belief that his sale depends on the import. It depends on his own belief. He must see the Truth that he is the determinant of his work and the sale of his produce. This calls for a great change. As soon as he changes, the produce will be sold.
  • The DOT com companies are crashing. One who has such a company and faces this crash, should shift inside and shift his opinion. His company will not crash. Or, the crash in the DOT com companies will be reversed.
  • Once such a basic move is made, smaller movements can be taken up. A person who had five stores prayed for a $880,000 sale in one of them. All the five stores sold exactly for the same amount. He understood it was so, because his emotions were in that one store.

story | by Dr. Radut