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Practical Concept of Infinity


Infinity of space and eternity of Time are two related concepts. As all life is covered by Space and Time, Infinity cannot stretch beyond.

'Complete minus complete is equal to complete' is the formula the Upanishads offer about Infinity. As Time is a concept for the metaphysician, Infinity is not a known concept in life. It is there in mathematics and metaphysics.

The nearest we can think of in life to infinity is kamadhenu and kalpakavriksha, which are myths. One thing that we can rationally use is knowledge, which is infinite when we take it out, or rather, it grows as we draw upon it.

Infinity is different from the boundless finite.

The capacity to refuse to be finite is infinity. Is it possible for us to have a practical concept of this? Our very basis is infinity and therefore it becomes necessary.

As matter, life, mind and spirit are infinite in nature at the base, even though life and matter do not behave so, we must have an idea of that concept. Water drawn from a well which goes back into it through another route can be inexhaustible, but will not qualify for infinity. What grows by what it feeds on can be infinite. Solar energy is inexhaustible but the mind's knowledge and the vital's interest grow by every expenditure. Our own minds must have a practical concept of Infinity to appreciate the infinity in creation.

When the concept of Infinity conceived by the thinking mind (No. 1) is fully accepted by the physical mind (No. 3), in its substance, the concept will become a reality.

In life this phenomenon exists. One who physically works long hours with enthusiastic interest is known to release far more energy than he is used to, as we witness among the candidates during the Presidential elections in the US. This offers an example of the principle that the greater the energy spent, the greater the energy released by the body. The phenomenon in mind needs no arguing, as it is known that the mind releases more energy when it is exercised more.

Problems in life or health are symptoms of not enough energy for the level of life now lived. Level of sugar rises when the energies  of the body are not absorbing all the sugar taken in. Problems in your family or office rear their heads when your energies are not equal to the demands made on it.

One can make a practical experiment on his health or problems on the following lines.

  • 1. A clear conception of the idea that there exists a concept of Infinity at all levels of existence - spiritual, mental, vital and physical - should be formed.
  • 2. A forceful application of this principle to the experiences of life in every possible area and a concrete grasp of the process by which more and more is generated, should also be formed. Raising the level of expectation leads to a revolution of prosperity, is the observation of an American thinker. This is a universal phenomenon witnessed all over the world now, particularly in India. It occurs as follows:
  • Man perceives he wants more comforts.
  • His perception is creative of human energy.
  • To meet his greater demands he strains himself and his resources to the utmost and initiates the first move.
  • This positively disturbs the economic equilibrium creating a quantity of work equal to how much the man strained himself.
  • The buoyancy in the market is responded to by credit agencies.
  • This cycle has a two-fold result - a higher income generating sector comes into existence, and so do higher wages.
  • A virtuous cycle is released and comes to stay.
  • An extension to the productive sector is given at the earliest opportunity. The economy booms.

In personal problems of work or health, the process is the same but works inwardly on the person's psychology.

  • Present problems are the result of lack of energy released by the system.
  • He who tries to understand this concept of Infinity as concretely as possible moves the thought of the thinking mind into his physical mind.
  • This idea energises the physical system.
  • In the ascending scale of body to spirit, body is less efficient than mind and releases less energy than mind.
  • In the descending scale of the Spirit to the body, the body is more efficient and releases far greater energies than the mind.
  • The conceptual mind releases more energy than usual on accepting this new idea.
  • When the idea moves to the physical mind, it releases far more energy than one can imagine. In fact, it can release infinite energy.
  • This excess energy handles the problems, whether it is domestic or health related.

story | by Dr. Radut