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Power and Capacity


July 23, 2002

  • Children who inherit the first generation wealth are not always endowed with the character and capacity to manage it, as the wealth is in the vital plane. We see the same phenomenon in high posts won by intelligence or seniority. The Power and the Capacity to wield that Power are different. It is not so in the Force that comes down from the Supermind where they are fused.
  • Men who work, aspire, pray for wealth or position have always some capacity of their own. They work in the atmosphere of Mother but are centred in their own capacity which is a capacity of ego. What keeps them centred in their capacity is not the nature of the capacity but their insistent preference that they should be rewarded specially for their capacity. It turns out to be a prayer which without one's saying it amounts to "It is not by grace I need this, but by my desert." When they get it, they see it is grace that has brought it about but FEEL it is their own desert. So, they have to operate the power of the Spirit by their own capacity and the natural supramental capacity that will accompany the Power will be missing.
  • Whether it is the Prime Minister of India who was thus blessed or a small industrialist, this is easily seen. One can best see it in oneself.
  • Hundreds of items of work come our way as part of our daily routine. Several of them come through grace. When the beneficiary is centred in grace, one sees he does a work of operating a new camera as if he is fully trained. Skills that are usually acquired in a week have come to one at the first instant.
  • A question arises in the minds of devotees when big projects come their way, "Can I manage it?" Ordinarily it is a reasonable question. But it is not. The truth is, it is this question that separates the capacity that is integrated with the gift.
  • Again people would say "For that I need to have faith. I do not have it."
  • My explanation will be it is for the existing Faith that something comes; it is we who take care to drive it away.

story | by Dr. Radut