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Points on US History


July 26, 2005 

1)  The importance of the Theory - difference between conscious functioning and unconscious success.

  • Morgan avoided the crisis in 1901

            Knowledge of this Theory will enable the world to institutionalise the  power of permanently avoiding economic crisis in future.

2)  Analogy of health

  • We know hundreds of details of health indices but have no knowledge of HEALTH.
  • Moving from the part to the whole is a laborious method from below. The Theory is a method from above that offers instantaneous result.
  • Art Buchwald's reference to kidney stone patient.

3)   Paul Johnson and other historians miss the logic of history.

      De Toqueville had a perception of the course of history.

4)   Ireland's recovery is an example of economic forces solving problems of  terrorism. It resolves political tangles.

  • Talents in periods of transition rise high.

5)   March of History

Greece - Rome - Europe - America

Mind in poetry - vital - Mind in philosophy and science - Technology French and Russian Revolutions.

6)   Role of scales, tools, measurements yet to be devised and discovered.

      Significance of symptoms in the absence of scales and measurements.

7)   America is the evolutionary leader - Their infinite energy. Their feats in building Chicago, efficiency of reducing 196 days to 10.3 hours etc

8)   Human goal is human unity, world union, one world. It is achieved by selfish man   growing into selflessness and finally practising Self-giving.

9)   This Theory can plan for the American future of security and freedom.

10) As an immediate goal knowledge of this Theory can help wipe out terrorism from  the world.

story | by Dr. Radut