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February 16, 2006

  • Missing the woods, seeing the trees.
  • When Iacocca saw VPs walking through the Chairman's room with coffee in hand, he did not see it as the wrong-doing of an individual, but a symptom of total absence of discipline in Chrysler. To see the real condition of the whole by looking at one symbolic significant event is to know the perspective.
  • Watson when he declared he would not lay off a single person during the Crash, was creating long time health for the company.
  • Northwest Mutual agent who argued that the tumour in the brain made the policy holder forget the payment of premium, was having a very long perspective of a healthy future of that company.
  • Churchill's attitude to world war is a global political perspective.
  • When a doctor has an idea of the whole health of a patient, he can cure a disease by linking it with the health of any other part. Doctors who are successful unconsciously do this often. Doing it consciously is for the future.
  • Abolition of slavery in USA had a long time global perspective for freedom and liberty.
  • Drag was able to neutralise the inflation because his perceptive was not economics, but political, the wider prosperity of Yugoslavia.
  • Political perspective solving military conflicts, economic approach dissolving terrorism in Ireland is a constant theme with us. Each higher plane - a view from there - can solve insoluble problems at any level.

- Social view avoids political strife (European royals intermarrying).

- Political view solving economic issues (Marshall Plan).

- Economic view solving labour problems (guaranteed employment).

  • Europe is raising its level of prosperity. Therefore companies are growing in size. Their opportunities will issue from the growth of their societies and their problems too. The Austrian complementary currency was closed down because they had a legal approach to an economic issue. FDR had a wider perspective.
  • Between the lone individual employee and a well conceived concerted organisation, it is the organisation that produces. It is an organisational perspective.
  • The CEO apart from having the above views should see that,

- Every expanding business in Europe will meet with increasing obstacles. Enumerate all such obstacles, reverse them, they are his opportunities. That is a perspective he needs to have.

- Company is a child of the society. When the society grows, the company also grows.

- Women employees widen our perspective, so also foreign members of staff. Any new view broadens the view of the company. The perspective that the company is a child born of the society and is here to serve it, will bring to the surface that perspective which will reveal the real growth potential.

- It is a view of balancing the five components.

- Profit replaced by service.

- Work replaced by a way of life.

story | by Dr. Radut