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October 10,  2001

  • Perfection in any plane raises that plane to the highest of planes. We may say, perfection powerfully relates the plane to the spiritual plane.
  • It is so because perfection comes out of values that are skills of the Spirit.
  • Physical energy rising cannot raise the work beyond that plane.
  • It is vital energy of interest that raises the work to the vital plane.
  • Without the work expressing an idea, the work cannot rise and touch the mental plane.
  • Values which are skills of the Spirit expressed in physical work raise the work from the physical plane to the spiritual plane.
  • Work that expresses values becomes perfect work.
  • Should a person, no matter at what plane he is working, set out to express perfection in his work in the major and minor details, he will find the Force entering his work.
  • This happens even when his work is isolated, made insular, and perfection is reached within its bounds.
  • Becoming perfect in one's personality can be achieved only at the end of yoga.
  • My compromise has a minimum of doing the work perfectly within its own area and

1. Having all the attitudes of personality about that work perfect.

2. Reversing all basic opposite tendencies in the personality by past consecration.

  • Stated otherwise, a person who is NOT negative in his own personality doing a work perfectly will let the Force enter into the work.
  • One easy way of doing this is to become happy, cheerful, expansive, express GOODWILL spontaneously and take genuine serious interest in the work.
  • Faith expressed in the work is a summation of all these. All these are less difficult than a consecrated work. Consecration is all-inclusive if one can take to it.

story | by Dr. Radut