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Partial Perceptions of the Mind



  • In trying to give an example of Self-evident surety, Sri Aurobindo says that man knows only one such thing. It is the fact that he is. He needs no proof of that. It is the most distant supramental awareness.
  • As the Mind and the other parts have a centre in us and a subtle centre too, the Supermind for the present has no such centre. It is yet to be developed. All our present perceptions are mental perceptions, but not always severe where the mind exercises itself with a vengeance.
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is characteristic of such mental divisions carried down to the physical reality. Mind's capacity for division is portrayed in fiction vividly. In life the split personality known as schizophrenia makes us understand the capacity of the mind for extreme division.
  • If I have several functions in several places - at the office, house, club, and so on - I would discharge those functions fairly exclusively but the sense that I am a person capable of several functions is never lost. That sense makes for unity. While that unity or sense of unity is in the background, we develop a split personality in different degrees in different places. We do not retain about others that sense of unity we have about ourselves. We see only one facet in others and ignore all the other facets. All human problems have their origin there.
  • Taking another man's point of view, the view of totality, higher reason and the logic of the infinite are approaches to that sense of unity in others which culminates in our sensing the entire world inside ourselves.
  • In the last century, success in life went to those who saw their class, their values and  their own interests as exclusively their own. It was the social value of selfishness. It is reversed in the 20th century. He who embraces more of life is successful now.

story | by Dr. Radut