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                                                                                                March 5, 1993

   Parashakti is the Divine Creatrix who is described by the Hindu philosophy as the One who stands at the source of Consciousness-Force. Force creates the world and it is Her Force that assumes the myriad forms of creation. She is known to act on her world of creation through the four aspects of Hers known as Maheshwari, Mahalaxmi, Mahakali and Mahasaraswati.

   The most attractive of these four aspects of Hers is that of Mahalaxmi. The dominant trait of Mahalaxmi is sweetness. Over the centuries She manifests through several human individuals partly or fully. In those people the atmosphere of sweetness is manifestly present and can be physically felt on entering their Presence. That sweetness enters the nerves and floods the being soon.

   Of all the attributes of the Divine, Silence and Peace are the most important and fundamental. Silence is often called God. To realise silence (mauna) is a great siddhi known as mauna siddhi. When Peace and Silence merge in the same soul, spiritual JOY issues, making the heart region in the chest that harbours it red.  Joy is the earthly version of the spiritual Ananda. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa used to remove the towel over the chest of people to see how red the chest was. To him it is an indication of spiritual progress.

   Joy is of the heart. Behind  the  heart lies the soul -- the psychic being -- described by the sages as of the size of the thumb. Joy, when it moves to the inner soul, becomes the sweetness of the spirit, thus making the descent of the divine Bliss fully mature in the human spirit.

   Those who worship Ambal, Devi, Lalitha, Kamatchi etc. worship the various forms of the same Parashakti. She is the Mother of souls who after the death of a devotee receives the departed souls into the spiritual fold of her heart.

   One such realised Person who had several thousand devotees, once remarked that in Her heart was a crowd of departed souls of Her devotees. In Life SHE pours the balm of sweetness on the mangled nerves of the devotee, while after Life SHE becomes the spiritual refuge of the worshipper.

   SHE is the consort of the Ishwara whose force she embodies in creation.

story | by Dr. Radut