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Origin of Energy and the Extent of the Source



  • Energy is the expression of the Will.
  • Will is the power of Knowledge.
  • So the extent of the energy released is determined by the breadth of knowledge.
  • Generally the educated accomplish more than the uneducated.
  • Education is primarily the knowledge of the part and secondarily the capacity to know more, afresh and originally.
  • The other phenomenon is the native ability to know the social resources first and then accomplish on that basis. This is a greater capacity than what education gives. Often education blunts this ability. Rarely does education fortify it.
  • Whether natively endowed or given by education, what is known as accomplishment is this capacity to know the social environment and capitalize on it.
  • Taking it only in the context of the volume of energy released, we see a few grades in terms of the achiever and the non-achiever.

- The non-achiever's energy is the social energy limited to the family or by the family.

- The achiever's energy goes beyond the society to his own personal resources.

- When someone understands that, he is not limited to the society and his energies can come from what he understands himself to be.

- Knowledge of oneself determines the extent of energy.

- The least of such knowledge is that one understands oneself as a body - knowledge of the physical.

- The most we know of is the knowledge of the mind that is born as a genius.

- Genius is one who understands oneself subjectively.

- The Rishis saw the Absolute as Self or Sat.

- Sri Aurobindo says that, that is the mind's comprehension of the Absolute. The Absolute reveals itself to the mind as Sachchidananda.

- When man moves to the Supermind, the Absolute can reveal to his mind fully instead of as the partial Sachchidananda, which is a mental version of It.

- For the achiever who is a social unit of selfishness, the source of energy is his comprehension of himself as a social unit. He can expand that concept by his mental comprehension that the social unit is humanity or his country, which is primary, of which he is a cell. This concept should take the place of his present separative consciousness that he is a social unit who must survive in the society in spite of its hostility or at least an unhelpful attitude.

- In terms of achievement this new understanding when emotionalized will give him a thousand or ten thousand times his present energies while he can absorb only five or ten times in the present, in view of the build of his personality.

  • Theoretically his comprehension of the source of energy can rise from his selfish social consciousness and pass through selfless social consciousness, psychological consciousness and rise to the supramental and above. At each stage, it can either be selfish or selfless.
  • In other words, man can conceive of himself as body, vital, mind, Supermind, Self, unconscious Absolute in samadhi or the Absolute as it is in its fullness and make that conception the source of energy for his accomplishment.
  • In practice one's conception cannot rise further than his present utilization of the existing energies. It does not expand until the present ones are exhausted. Exhausting the available energy is the physical version of the Surrender of the Mind of its known capacities to the Soul.

story | by Dr. Radut