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Organising Work


  • To organise, you need to know the parts and the whole.
  • Whatever you organise, you transcend.
  • To organise something, you must be above that.
  • What is Mind?
  • We know the faculties of the Mind - memory, thinking, understanding, suggestion, discrimination, inspiration, revelation, conception, perception, sensation, imagination, decision, determination, commitment, organisation, planning, remembering, recalling, recognising, responsibility, direction and many more things.
  • Without knowing all this, each by itself, one cannot organise the mind. Knowing all the parts does not qualify you to organise the Mind.  Please note that there is a difference between knowing a faculty (memory) from your point of view and its point of view. To know Memory from its point of view is to know it from first principles. Memory is a device of the Mind that brings the past to the notice of the present. (Here we have to know what a device is). This is necessary because Time that is continuous has been divided into past, present and future. Who has divided it? Why has it been divided? It is mind that has divided it as mind is the only instrument that can divide. Time is so divided because of the involution of knowledge into Ignorance - knowledge hides into itself and becomes Ignorance by inversion and self-choice - and this is what happens to the four parts above (Sat, Chit, Ananda and Supermind invert as Matter, Psychic, Life and Mind) when they invert as four parts below. It also happens to the twelve parts of the Spirit of which knowledge is one.
  • By organising the Mind, one transcends it and goes to Supermind.
  • The question is, can we go to Supermind? Every time our prayer is answered, the Supermind grants it. We take the result and give up the Supermind. What is humanly impossible, Mother gives us. Society gives education to the child which the child can never hope to get. Education is like Supermind to the child. Mother Has Made the impossible possible for us.  The society has been doing the same thing to us a thousand times. To see that each event is an impossibility which the Divine makes possible, is to see the Divine in action. It is a spiritual observation. (Try to define to yourself physical, vital, mental, spiritual and Supramental observation or at least the first three).
  • Each of the faculties of the mind have two ways of responding, the high and and the low. For example, understanding can be exercised to reinforce your past gains. It is lower. Understanding can be exercised to acquire new ideas. That is high. In fact, any faculty has infinite ways of functioning - social, personal, psychological, and so on - and each has the two ways of cleavage. Hence the Choice is of paramount significance.
  • Of course, one chooses as he is conditioned. When the chapter of conditioning is opened, there too you will see the operation of superstition below and the knowledge above. It is a spiritual discrimination to choose knowledge against superstition.
  • You will find there several layers of superstition covered by further, thicker layers.
  • One must train oneself to acquire that discrimination.
  • That is the beginning.

story | by Dr. Radut