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Organising the Unorganised


                 Nov. 26, 2005

  • Organising the unorganised achieves the results centuries ahead in greater measure.
  • Today army, government, trade, commerce, transport, communication, education, religion, entertainment are all fields of organised activity.
  • Imagine if one of these fields, say education, had not been organised at all, we would be a few centuries behind.
  • The difference between the rich and poor countries can be said to be one of organisation. Hence the equation India + Systems = USA.
  • Effective public opinion today belongs to this unorganised sector. Our theme is, if precisely organised, it is capable of producing the results of fifty years hence.
  • Such an organisation has many, many facets and innumerable possible results. Our concern here is related to a few leading issues or one important issue - nuclear proliferation.
  • It is obvious that in such a totally unorganised field of activity - and where the individual is fully oblivious - the possibilities for resourcefulness are overwhelming.  The raw material required is the field details of the issue and the lie of the land of public life.
  • We see the computer, Internet, web, and software have opened up such a new field and are presenting the world daily with a startling product. It happened in technology when the wheel, electricity, motor, boat, printing, etc. were invented. It has happened in all fields of civilised existence hundreds of times. Money was an eminent one, credit was a major one, the credit card is a recent example.
  • We are presently not considering the creation of a universally useful method but we are aiming at ONE particular RESULT.
  • Whether it can open up a new way of life to humanity is not the issue now.
  • The strategy we are looking for is one that can now achieve the dissolution of the nuclear menace which may ordinarily take some decades.

story | by Dr. Radut