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441. Organisation and Opportunities

The word ORGANISATION is generally used to denote a company or institution. It is rarely understood in its original meaning, of which there are several. In short, it means making the most out of the least.  An ICS officer wrote a famous book on how partition could have been avoided. As a Revenue Minister of a state with a Muslim ruler, by organising, he could reduce the killings of 100,000 lives to 4000. At least since 1980, for anyone who has the development vision, India is a land of infinite opportunities. It has been so since 1947. People avail of opportunities only when it becomes a fashion, like the dog that can only drink of the river in spate by lapping. How often have we heard of IT companies reaching Rs.400 crores turnover in less than five years? How many enterprising farmers earn a lakh or two from an acre of land?

If there is an awakening in India, it is for education of QUALITY. I have seen Mother's devotees surrounded by immense opportunities of infinite proportions. There is enough knowledge in the world to make it a psychological heaven. Money is in a glut. Even in USA, a Director of agriculture said only 50% of the findings of the laboratory reaches the fields. In India, it is only 5%.  Unemployment haunts the lives of young men where literally thousands of posts, maybe hundreds of thousands of posts remain vacant for want of talented personnel. Man follows the crowd, takes the line of least resistance.

To avail of opportunities, one must know them. Go to a hospital, school, court or anywhere and meet the senior most personnel there. You will be surprised to see they have risen to the top of the profession on the strength of their own personality practising what they have learnt 25 years ago in the college. People do not take efforts to know the latest opportunities and when they do, they refuse to practise. Rajiv complained that in a world where fifteen year old technology is outmoded, India clings to 150 year old machineries. New opportunities constantly appear in technology, products, methods, openings, etc. People are unconscious and blind. There is no question of their knowing ORGANISATION. Mother often said, "Everyday how many complaints I receive about the waste of money. Are any of you aware of the enormous amount of higher consciousness I am pouring on you? It is all totally wasted. Have any of you brought it to my notice?" We have a hundred times greater opportunities than we can use. We are not organised.


 Para 3 - Line 3 - practising


Para 3 - Line 3 - practising - practicing
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K. Venkatesh

story | by Dr. Radut