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On Energising and Faith


Definition of energising: The higher and lower coming together results in the lower getting limitless energy. This is the method of energising.

For the higher it is the fulfillment of energising the lower.

In a wider scheme, the conceptions of high and low are not there.

There, it is a progress through a higher organisation. That is, the lower organisation is raised to the level of the higher organisation through an infusion of greater energy.

Process of Energisation:

Organisms and organisations are of different complexities. They exist in a hierarchy almost touching each other. Every system  (organism or organisation) is insular, closed for purposes of self-preservation during normal periods. Insularity is a virtue of survival. Periods change. In history, it is social change. In evolution, it is the breath of the Lord. During these periods which He calls the Hour of God, systems open up, the lower to grow, the higher to give, both to change.

He says that now it is such an hour for the earth. His coming is that hour. He is still here. If you  ask to see Him, you will. If you pray, you will become His personality. All societies during the decades of growth open up. The whole world is like that now. Most systems show tendencies of opening up. Those that do, do not perish. Those that open up receive the touch and when they take the effort to reorganise at a higher level, they survive at that level. Otherwise they are swept away by the enormous energy that entered into them which they are not able to absorb.

During such periods if the lower organisation is induced to open up and it consents, the enormous flood of energy surrounding it enters for the organisation to grow. This happens when every system of energy of the lower organisation which is now insular, agrees to open up with receptivity. Energy is organised in a system as skills, capacities, talents, movement, attitudes, opinions, beliefs, understandings and so on. There is no activity which is not fully informed of them. All these belong to the central system and are oriented towards them. The system must be changed from the lower to the higher, smaller to the bigger. It means:

All the attributes are to be changed from the smaller system to those of the higher system.

Their number is legion. Even one such change, a small one, can result in a miracle.

Definitions of the Process of energisation: 

1. The attributes of one system changing into those of another system is energisation. It is evident and capable of producing results even in one isolated act if the spirit of energisation is there.

2. The rationale of a lower system changing into that of the higher system is a total energisation of  the system as a whole at one stroke.


He speaks of the physical organisation in the universe whose laws - gravitation and such others - we know of. We know of a social organisation which governs most of the citizen's life. Beyond these two is a psychological organisation of the entire world which we do not see except when we are rewarded for our goodness or capacity or punished for our wickedness or dissipation. In India this organisation is called karma. Astrologers all over the world learn this ‘science' and practise it. The civilised man is ashamed of admitting it but in a crisis, several people resort to astrology for guidance. Vivekananda - sannyasis are forbidden to refer to the horoscope - received the news that his mother was ill and consulted an astrologer who asked him to meet him at the cremation ground at midnight. Lord Mountbatten's wife met a crystal gazer in Paris on the sly who told her he saw her husband sitting on a throne. That year the Lord became the Indian viceroy. Sri Aurobindo implicitly sanctions this but says it is not final.

Beyond these organisations lies the organisation of faith which is not fully formed in the universe at any level. The popular religions thrive on the sketchy power of this ill-formed organisation at the lower reaches of man's life, mostly for negative results like killing an enemy. Of the four Vedas, Rik, Yajur, Sama and Atharva, the last one dwells on this world and is full of mantras to evoke powers of this world. All religious centres, when they do not follow the higher side of faith for reasons of idealism, degenerate into this field which is known as occultism. Tibet and Egypt are the most powerful centres of this power. Faith is the human instrumentation that can invoke the power of this world of psychological organisation. It is better to describe it as a spiritual organisation. The spirit of this organisation, all over the world till today, is to be achieved by austerity. Therefore the power we reach is partial and one sided as austerity is a partial strategy that suppresses the other side of human energy. The faith Mother speaks of is the power of the whole energy of man, with no part of it suppressed. As it is a whole and includes the untamed part of man's energy, the effort required here is greater than for austerity. As the effort is greater, the results are greater too. This is a faith not of the dry spirit but of the full blooded Shakti.

Faith is the knowledge of the soul. As it is only knowledge, it has no power, except the power of knowledge. Mother's knowledge includes power. Those whose souls are open can acquire this power if they ardently choose and assiduously aspire for it. Once that knowledge of the soul is there, it becomes faith in the mind. Faith is described as the knowledge of the soul reflected in the mind. Mind acquiring that knowledge of the soul as its own knowledge is what Life Divine aims at.

story | by Dr. Radut