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Notes on Work

11.7.73. - The individual expands, grows, progresses, gives, receives at the tether ends of his nature. It is these bare ends of temperament we must know and at which we must work. So also in work, thought the basic personality, history, character of the work must be thoroughly known and identified with, it is the tether end at which new work begins, problems arise, resistances hold firm, etc. So identification and emphasis must be placed on touching, moulding, changing things at these points. We must place emphasis on the very forefronts of the work - new ideas, emotions, forces and activity as well as the sore spots which produce recurring difficulty and reaction. This is where progress is to be made by aspiration toward the new, transformation or conversion of the resistant.

When new work begins, a new force released, there will be a reaction from elements within and around the new effort. We must watch for and understand the reaction as a natural occurrence and then set about dealing with it.

12.7.73. - If you want to express a positive quality of consciousness you must deny yourself the corresponding negative movement. Conscious expression requires conscious restraint, denial. Each higher movement is neutralized by a lower dissipation. The higher can only be expressed by prohibition of the lower, sublimation of interest and energy - conversion.

In a work if one wants a level of perfection from a subordinate it is not enough that we are capable of that same level. We must have attained that same perfection on some higher level - there must be a gap of superiority of accomplishment for us to pass on a capacity to another. If there is difficulty, we may look for parallel imperfection in our own life at a higher level and first correct there.

In work where we want to upgrade the quality on any level, i.e. mental ideals, ideas, systems or emotional relation or vital interest and enthusiasm - we must see the corresponding negative element which prevents the higher expression, deny it scope and utilize that energy for the higher movement.

i.e. to increase available water supply, eliminate all wastage and wrong attitude. Value and water, emotionally relate, take interest and give attention to physical details.

i.e. problem of workers' laziness.

  1. remove the corresponding laziness or lack of interest in ourselves.
  2. eliminate all wastage of labour or wrong deployment or use of men to serve our own lower movements or ignorance. Sufficiently respect the service offered and see it as service offered to Mother which as trustee you must deploy with greatest care.

If one is given more than his due from the higher consciousness by our action, e.g. too much money for food, thought, attention, emotion, etc., he will be found to leave us. We must give according to a person's relation to the higher consciousness, his receptivity. In work the index is his degree of interest in the work. We must not give for social or personal, emotional or psychological reasons - to that extent harmony is disrupted. Each according to his due.

Our work on others is very much a corresponding work on ourselves.

14.7.73. - If we leave one minor work in a sequence or program incomplete, then all other works in the program will remain incomplete until it is finished.

Each person has areas of easy success, constant failure, and areas which can be successful but only after repeated effort.

15.7.73. - Men, tools, resources as well as money are all given to us in trust for Mother's work. None should be used for any lower purpose - physical, vital or psychological. Men come to serve Mother, not us. Machines are for Her work, not our convenience.

22.7.73. - Bargaining in Yoga: We must ask for nothing but Mother and Mother's service. To disappear, surrender yourself inwardly to all, inwardly be a servant to everyone, refuse to take a mental egoistic position at any time - the spirit does not take positions, it just is. Completely leave all in the hands of the Divine and all your desires will be fulfilled, but this must not be a lure for desires.

What is required is not an attitude or behaviour but a consciousness poise. Serve all and you will have mastery over all.

26.7.73. - Five minutes meditation requires a full day's preparation - the maintenance of some minimum level of meditation throughout the daily activities.

Attempt to see all the small movements of desire and egoism in thought, emotion, activity which are contrary to love and self-giving and to reverse one by one. Each reversal increases the capacity to love. One must cease to see others in a hard, cold, superficial way, oriented by their utility, one's momentary concern, business or desire. Gradually we must open to feel all the emotions of every man we contact - know his needs, desires, motives, and eventually pass beyond this human identification to see, experience, love the Divine in him and our own true Self.

story | by Dr. Radut