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Notes on Opportunity


  • Opportunity - is seen and unseen.
  • Ramapuram which now thrives on banana cultivation and the borewell could not see both.
  • It does not strike many people even today that a degree can be attained via the postal services. It simply does not occur to them.
  • Insurance is a great asset for salaried people. But the insurance coverage in India is still not comparable with those in many other countries.
  • Only when pressed by circumstances, people become aware of opportunities.
  • The IAS special recruitment for those between the ages of twenty and forty, comes periodically. In 1947, PC Alexandar wrote and was selected. Someone who was twice better qualified than him, refused to write and retired as a college professor.
  • Even today software is not fully recognized. The rush for an MBBS course is greater than that for the computer courses.
  • Man acts after the whole town moves, not before.
  • As the Absolute Self-conceives (a thought that  never occurs to us) we too have the ability to self-conceive. All our acts are self-conceived. What we end up doing is pouring our self-conception into the socially prevalent self-conception.
  • The corollary from the Gita is, ‘We are today what we have chosen to be earlier.' Does this mean that I wanted to be bankrupt or ill? Yes.  The subliminal compels the surface to seek what the subliminal needs for its own joy. Its choice is made by the necessities of its growth. That we create our own world is best seen when a man starts a company. Here the individual first obeys the society and later emerges into individuality. Whether it is the full individuality or the social being, it is self conception.
  • The world is constantly creating opportunities but they do not spread unless there is the pressure to accept those opportunities.
  • Why does Asia or India not borrow the technology of the West?
  • Because India does not seek material prosperity for its own sake.
  • Material prosperity in India is a means for its own discovery of Spirit.
  • Material prosperity of the West is not to be pushed endlessly, but taken as a field through which the deeper knowledge is to be discovered.
  • To push it further will be the worship of mammon.
  • The Westerner resorts to pranayama and asana for meditation, wears a dhothi and a tuft. That is superstition. By rule, he is compelled by business to look for knowledge in work. That would result in a greater meditation. Here comes the subtle knowledge. Material plenty instead of being pursued beyond limits must be used to seek subtle knowledge.
  • The computer opens up endless possibilities and floods one with information so that gross physical knowledge of facts will turn into subtle knowledge. For example, a patient with an ordinary education, by examining hundreds of similar cases, arrives at the same subtle knowledge which exceptional doctors arrive at through experience.
  • The Indian instead of pursuing wealth or fame should try to discover in the growing material prosperity his own latent spirit.
  • Russia has that opportunity. Unemployment in the world is another such field. Minor military conflicts affords the study of a similar field. The first version of subtle knowledge is the mental knowledge of the theory. Seeking for a theory of social evolution and discovering the spiritual individual will correct the errors of the East and the West.
  • The gross physical man needs to grow into the subtle physical plane.
  • All the prosperity of the West can come here at once if only the Indian subtly discovers the key for Luck.
  • Physically he must work and organise. Vitally he must energise himself in self-giving and good will. Mentally he must wean himself away from the superstition of science and pursue the spiritual truths in values.
  • The human choice is the assertion of the ego. The Divine fulfils itself in surrender or the surrender achieves the divine fulfillment as man becomes the things he surrenders to.
  • The mental labour of scientists for decades can be avoided by their surrendering to that knowledge.
  • Vital energy and physical organisation are readily attained by surrender.
  • Russia can know now the organisation she needs if she chooses to surrender, shedding her vital self-affirmation.
  • Solutions to all international conflicts can be so achieved.
  • Human choices are:

- physical occupation in going to the moon.

- Vital indulgence in dissipation and crime.

- Organising the mental ignorance of scientific superstition.

Divine fulfillment is:

Getting rid of the seven ignorances, leading human kind to peace of mind and prosperity.

Seven ignorances:  The process is to get rid of the constitutional ignorance and psychological ignorance as the first two steps. The emotions accepting rationality gets rid of constitutional ignorance. Plunging inward, reaching the subliminal and rising to the Superconscient gets rid of psychological ignorance.

We need subtle knowledge for that. The internet gives it.

The internet is the mechanical instrument that has come to give man subtle knowledge so that he can get rid of his psychological ignorance.

- For the East, it is abundant prosperity.

- For the West, it is subtle knowledge through   the Internet.

story | by Dr. Radut