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020. Model of Nine Levels of Growth - Level 9

Level Nine is the pristine, pure physical, even as No. 1 is pure Mind. This is the evolutionary point at which the animal emerges into manhood. What is the bottom most point of manhood is the peak for the animal.

At this point the species has emerged into humanity but has not acquired any capacity as yet that truly belongs to man. It is just there awake. That waking state enables it to move, thus making movement possible. It is not just movememtn as in the stone or plant, a movement that generates outside. The animal too moves, moves by its vitality. This mvoement is human movement, movement of the humanised matter. In that sense, it is the greatest achievement of Nature, the evolution of Man. Its parallel now will be the appearance of the Surpamental Being on earth. His own movement will not be by thought or will. It would be a self-willed movement uninitiated by thought or unexecuted by human will.

At Nine, movement and sleep are the statuses of consciousness and substance. While on the surface and awake it moves. Withdrawn into itself, the substance is in its response like a newborn baby in the womb of the mother, maybe a newly formed baby. Supramentalisation for the purpose of physical transformation takes place here at the plane of consciousness, for the purpose of the birth of Supramental being in the plane of substance.

Nine has the whole man fully in it, but in unevolved potential, not unformed potential. Nine is not in the least touched by mentality or vitality.

The physical parts of No. 3 and No. 6 are in direct touch with Nine, while it can be in direct touch only with No. 8. Nine thus is the point in man which generates vitality, the vital energies and vital sensations. For that purpose it is the first focus. The freshness of physical matter yet untainted by consciously acquired habits of even physical sensation belongs to Nine.

IN the descent, the influence of all parts from levels 1 to 8 penetrates downsards and reaches Nine too. It is really mentlaised only at level 3 where ven the flesh becomes sophisitcated into the grey matter of the brain.

In the evolutionary scheme of things, when a species emerges, its form is fixed. It does not change later. Its maximum intelligence is given to its members at the very emergence of the species. Nine yholds in full potential the maximum intelligence to which man has ever reached and its first exhibition was in the primitive man's fashioning of tools out of stone.

Except at Nine, man is conditioned by sensations fo the physical and vital and thought of the mind. For purposes of further evolution, man has to decondition his parts of all the acquired habits even as 9 is fresh without those conditionings.

Supramentalisation and transformation require that unconditioned purity of the being in all parts down to this level 9.

Mother's vision of a seal had that character. SHE describes how that animal was pure, innocent, untouched by the possible perversions of the human mentality that is crooked. Buddhists, whose beliefs and training do not permit them to organise the ego have this character.  When talking to them, you  feel like talking to one untouched by any influence of this world of ours. Their flesh is soft to touch, carrying the softeness of unspoiled purity. The nearest version of this seen in life is the artless, guileless person incapable of shrewdness or insight.  Should it be strong, it will represent the highest culture man can ever attain by purity that is strong. In such a condition, increase of purity leads to increase of strength. Maybe there, strength and purity are synonyms.

To know man in his nine parts is to know him fully. To trace his growth from level 9 to level 1 and back again from 1 to 9 is a knowledge which can hold in it in sum the entire history of man on earth.

story | by Dr. Radut