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019. Model of Nine Levels of Growth - Level 8

8 is the vital of the physical plane. This is the earliest of points where vitality enters human personality. Also this is the first point that is untouched by mentality. Though it is vitality, its vitality will not bear any sign of energy man knows of vitality but will be of the character of the physical, even as the mental effort of the neo-literate is education for him.

Energy and Force find their seats here in consciousness and substance. The only liveliness, freshness that can be witnessed here is the ‘enormous' amount of physical energy into which the merest existence of 9 converts itself here. Movements generating energy are seen here for the first time as a phenomenon.

7 is a poor mentality and is feebly influenced by the great cunning of 4 and the brilliant ideas of 1. On a parallel, 8 is thus related to 5 and 2. Men at 8 can rise to poetry moved by the physical intensity of the occasion. At the thanksgiving function at Mother Estates, an old man moved by the emotions of the function, burst into a song that spontaneously welled up in him on the theme of the forest changing into cultivable lands. Thoughts of no description touch 8 even though primary emotion can blossom into poetry here.

Men of this type will give themselves to superstition and will not be able to question its validity. Loyalty to master, family, property, crew are too sophisticated for them. He who feels is the master, what serves is property, those who are around are kith and kin. Crew is one who happens to be around. Their emotions are still at the level of energy lacking definition of any description. Ideas of no description find an echo in them, not even mercenary gains appeal to their non-existent thoughts. Survival is right and it is their ethic. Organisation is not a concept they can identify, much less follow. Even systems do not evoke their recognition. They will find themselves identified with the plants they plant and the animals they tend. Their own families are for them extended plant and animal life. They love their soil as part of themselves and aspire to be buried where they were born.

Skills of no description  can be acquired at this level, even tree climbing. As 7 is not yet born, acquiring any skill, however primary, is out of the question. Sleep is unconscious, dreams are subconscious for them. Skill in another, emotions exhibited pass them without their noticing them, as they do not have faculties to respond to them. The only endowment he has is the primary physical energy that prevents him from being condemned as a human bulk.

8 is in direct touch with 7 and 9 and in indirect touch with 2 and 5. The lives of the warrior or the poet will have in their previous generations men of 8. It receives from 5 and 2. It will be parallel to what the cream receives but will characterise the bottom.

Vitality here is still energy and no sensation. Any sensation here will be physical sensation. What does not create a physical sensation, a man in 8 will not be able to respond to. Loudspeaker, drum beating, blowing the trumpet, etc. are for men of 8. Aldous Huxley says the African drum beating and the Indian chanting will help one lose his intellectuality. "Intellectuals of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your brains" is his description of chanting and drum beating. Chanting silences the mind, drum beating brings mind to its original physical sensations, one from above and the other from below devastatingly affecting the intellectual prowess of the brain.

story | by Dr. Radut