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017. Model of Nine Levels of Growth - Level 6

Six is the physical part of the vital plane and is seated in the central nervous system, even as 3 is seated in the brain. The physical parts of the planes have a physical organ as the seat, 3 in brain, 6 in the nerves, 9 in the body. At 6, the human personality emerge into the vital plane which means the physical movements generate vital energies. Therefore the greatest energies are witnessed at this stage. In civilisation, this is marked by the urban commercial life from rural agricultural life. Individually the blue collar worker taking to education is at 6. Any single activity can find itself at 6, for that matter at any level, irrespective of the fact that the individual is far advanced at 1 or 2 or primitive at 9 or 8. He will find himself meeting the characteristics of 6 with respect to any one activity if it is there.

An advanced thinker not used to crafts can find himself at 6 if he ever takes to it. A dud for some reason may be evolved and find himself at 6 in shooting. As faculties and parts of man have an independent existence in exceptional cases, this state of affairs is always possible. While 6 is the point where the being enters the vital plane, 5 is the point where a further expansion of 6 into 5 -- physical into vital in the vital plane -- is added. This is the reason for finding people of greatest vital power at 5. It is true growth in one part or growth of a faculty is generally accompanied by growth of other parts or faculties. But that growth is only in potential, not in actualities.

It is natural that 6 is in touch with 3 and 9 as they are physical parts and with 5 and 7 which are adjacent parts. The developments of 3 indirectly influence the growth of 6, while the strength or weakness of 9 lend their support to 6 and its existence. The topic of the adjacent parts and similar parts and their influence on each part is a wide one into which I do not go here.

March of civilisation finds its journey in man from 9 to 1 and from 1 to 9. Ideas, opinions, sensitivities, preferences etc. often get lodged in any part. Such opinions, etc. of the 6 cannot be removed by mental effort as there is nothing of mind in 6. Fundamentalists belong to 6. If they are to be educated, it must be vital education, not mental education. The vital is educated by sensations such as fear, attraction, not argument or explanation or reasoning. The physical cannot be educated even by sensation. It can be educated by doing a thing by itself, i.e. by direct experience only, not by other means, since it has no mind to listen to explanations nor sense centres to respond to sensations. The scientists of the world and even other social scientists have espoused the ideal of empiricism in spite of having a faculty to think and comprehend. To make a dent in their beliefs, one has to achieve in fact contrary to their beliefs. Even then, they may accept that particular achievement but in all their other fields, they will be physical with pride. The history of democracy is a standing proof of this phenomenon. After the monarch is disposed, the leader of the democracy is treated as the monarch and that attitude seeps down to the very bottom. That is the tenacity of the physical phenomenon.

During periods of calamities, man moves down to a low point. No longer the mind holds its own nor the vital. He moves down to 6 and acts only from there or from 7.

Emotion and devotion belong to consciousness and substance of 6. Devotion properly belongs to 5 but its strength and intensity reach their height only at 6.

Emotion at 4 can be coloured by some knowledge, but at 6 the scope for any tinge of knowledge is nil. Kannapan could dig out his eyes because he was a 6. Jean Valjean's emotional sense of duty to his sister rises from his being at 6. The life of a galley slave, the criminal mind, his fine emotions to Cossette all arise similarly. 6 can slave. It has no moral, ethical sense and finds it natural to be a criminal or to be a saint. To a 6, there is no difference between sainthood or a criminal life. It is simply a way of life.

6 is the point at which vital and physical sensations meet and emerge into each other in the ascent and descent. 6 is open to raw physical influence as 9 is, because it is of that type. All the power of 3 in organisation does not touch 6 because it has no idea of what it is.

story | by Dr. Radut