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016. Model of Nine Levels of Growth - Level 5

The vital of the vital plane is pure vital even as 1 is pure mind and 9 is pure physical.  In our scale it is assigned to 5.  This is the seat of the warrior, the artist and all those whose emotion rises to the peak before being touched even by the mental of the vital plane 4.

The  movement from below is accompanied by the phenomenon of enormous expansion of energy at the first level of physical to the vital.  As energy is subtle emerging from the dense material plane, its volume expands vastly issuing power of the greatest magnitude.  5 is the peak along that path as it combines the conversion of the physical plane into the vital plane as well as No.6 into No. 5, again a conversion of the physical in the vital plane into pure vital.  Next it goes to 4 when the energy becomes sensational knowledge.  This conversion entails a loss of power of the vital but generates the efficacy of thought.  Thought in 4 is not of the mental plane where its characteristic is ethic, logic and rationality.  But it has the knowing character of thought.  Knowledge unencumbered by ethical restraint, necessity of logical conversion or rational structure both of which involve considerable energy, is mercilessly powerful.  Possessors of this faculty are ruthless tyrants unfailingly successful in their operations as long as their acts are in the realms outside ethics.

2, 5, and 8 are the vital parts of the various planes.  Similar parts of different planes are in touch with each other.  The higher inspires the lower, the lower supports the functioning of the higher.  Faculties and capacities collect in each part, but will not yield results till they are saturated.  When a similar part of a lower plane begins to function, the unsaturated capacities of the higher part come to its rescue.  What happens in 3 cannot but influence 7 and 4 as they are similar.  It is true every part influences every other part, but the mutual influence of similar parts is greater.  These influences are naturally positive and negative, positive from above and negative from below.  3 is physical but mind, while 4 and 7 are mental parts. 1 directly influences 4 and 7 but 3 will influence 4 and 7 if the particular work connects them both.  Such relations are a topic by themselves wide enough.  3 is mainly the organiser that organises thoughts into decision.  An activity of either 4 or 7 containing an element of organisation of decision will put it in touch with 3.  Suppose 8 has received a shock of fear from a fall, the great surge of courage taking place in 5 will be hampered by the resurrecting memory of 8 as it is in direct touch with it.  Apart from that, as in other parts, 5 is in direct relation by sequence with 4 and 6.

In our scheme of consciousness and substance for each part we have assigned sensation and sensitivity to 5.  The role of the vital is to influence the physical by bringing the mental power to bear on it.  The vital organises the energies into sensations which, when reaching the mind, create thought.  The body always is a docile servant to mind more than to the vital.

The five senses respond to events with their sensational energies and get coordinated as SENSATION.  Mind has its own sense, better called as mental sense, which is other than the vital sensation.  Mind's sense emerges when the mind separates the reports to itself from its sensational part.  Power really belongs to the physical, energy to the vital, clarity to the mind.  But energy too enjoys power of energy even as ideas have the mental power.  Still, when the sensation seeps down to the vital substance it turns into sensitivity which has far more power than sensation.  Its power comes from the fact that it goes to the substance of the vital.  Really the substance in any plane is the physical of that plane.  So, truly power at last comes from the physical.

Five is the pure hero, the great artist, the lover who kills himself, the patriot who sacrifices everything for his country.  As 5 is untouched by mind, it has the capacity to be oblivious of the environment, consequences, commitments and will go to the target straight like an arrow.

Man was in tune with nature when 5 was the height of his evolution.  At that time his faculties were pugnacity, gregariousness, survival, self-preservation, abandon of self-forgetful joy, etc.

Music is the form of sound, painting is the form of colour and lines, courage is the form of force.  Hence their natural seat is 5.

Negatively 5 is the seat of fear, obsession, phobia, force of superstition.

Sensation of 5 energises the natural physiological functions with energy such as running in fear.

Great warriors like Shivaji, Alexander are of 5.  Napoleon does not belong to 5 as he is pre-eminently the law giver, the organiser, but 5 was his most effective faculty while on the battlefield with bullets whizzing past him.

story | by Dr. Radut