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015. Model of Nine Levels of Growth - Level 4

The vital plane matures when it evolves the mental element in it. It is what HE calls vital mind and we have assigned 4 to it in our scale. Any plane begins with the physical, develops the vital and ends by developing mind. That is true of the mental plane too.

The development of any plane is in two dimensions. One is from physical to mental. The other is substance to consciousness. In the vital plane at 6 a beginning is made. So 6 is physical vital substance. The mere body evolving life energy evolves it as substance of life. From there horizontally 6 develops towards 4, vertically the substance develops into consciousness. Here it is the vital consciousness. The hard, inert substance releasing vital energy becomes slowly conscious of its own vitality. That is the vital consciousness. From 9 to 1 at each level substance in its upward movement towards 1 evolves consciousness, while in the downward movement consciousness develops into matter or substance. This happens at all levels. As water expands 1700 times in becoming vapour, the upward movement is expansive in volume, while the downward movement shrinks and becomes hard. The vital power issues from this expanding volume.

If we do not consider the organisation of mind, the most efficient part of man is 4. The organisation raises the level of efficiency. As the man who has moved to 3 is not yet fully effective, No. 4 often excels him even as the graduate's earning is less than the uneducated shopkeeper. The superiority of 3 is not in question at all but till 3 comes into its own, 4 can always steal a march over him. Also, 3 being mental and rational, it is not so subtle as 4 which is entirely vital and subtle. Therefore 4 has always a penetrative insight into the weaknesses of 3 till it is fully organised. Hence the apparent superiority of 4.

3 is hampered by several aspects till it is perfectly organised when it is invulnerable. First of all, 3 is physical while 4 is mental. Therefore subtlety is greater at 4. Having come into the mental plane, 3 becomes ethical or moral while 4 is totally free of that inhibition. 4 seeks after victory at all costs while 3 is more concerned with its organisation and rightness. Victory, as anything else, pursued for its own sake, irrespective of other considerations, will certainly be more powerful and effective than result pursued under certain conditions such as ethics and systems.

Democracy made non-military civil leaders the head of a nation putting the general under them. Till then the military leader was the ruler. They were of 4. The enormous courage of 5 makes them leaders who go to victory. When that courage turns into thought, it is extremely resourceful.  Sri Aurobindo says Shivaji is a vibhuti but he had no compunction to kill his opponent in a fraternal embrace, a heinous crime for a moral man. Shivaji had no moral compunctions as he was seated in No. 4.

The philosopher of 1 and the organiser of 3 are objects of ridicule for men of 4. For him, philosophy is insubstantial and the organiser is too slow and too dull-witted.

As No. 7 and No. 1 are minds too, No. 4 is in direct relationship with them. No. 7 is subconscious and No. 1 is fully conscious. The thoroughness of 7 cannot be there in 4 even as the clarity of 1 is missing. Without being thorough or clear, 4 is dynamic, fast, reaches its goal unfailingly, unfettered by ideals, ethics, sentiments.

Foresters, rustic community leaders, smugglers, mafia chieftains are of 4. They are shrewd, penetrating, disciplined and therefore unfailing. There is only one punishment among them for lack of loyalty, viz. death. Obedience and adherence are total for this reason.

In the individual who lacks courage, 4 gives superstition. His superstition arises not from outside but from his own fears and intense imagination. The intensity that creates insight in the strong creates intense fears in the weak.

4 is the seat of social security acting as social conscience. It is 4 that sets the fashions, lays down social norms, norms of public conduct, approved manners. In the ascent it processes the emotions of 5 into emotional thought. In the descent it receives the decision and determination of 3 and infuses emotional commitment to them.

In times of social degeneration, the strength of 4 determines the length of social, psychological survival. In times of social upward movement, society moves up only to the extent 4 approves. Shrewdness, insight, penetration, alertness, resourcefulness are its endowments.

Strong 4 in the head of the family will make the family a victim of tyranny, but the family will become a success though enveloped in fear and suffused by tension.

4 is the monitor of motives in consciousness and substance.

story | by Dr. Radut