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014. Model of Nine Levels of Growth - Level 3

The mind that is seated in the brain and known to be the physical mind is 3 in our scale. This is the centre of intellectuality, decision and determination. What is decision in consciousness becomes determination in the substance. The physical substance sensitised is nerves. Its capacity to think evolves to the level of brain in the head. The physical moves and is not capable of anything other than the movement except the physical sensation. The physical movements organised by 7 become skill of a primary level. The moving physicality releases energy and generates the plane of vitality. The vital sensation going to the mind turns into thought to come back to the body to direct and dominate it. Four is the mind of the vital which gives 3 the sensational facts. Three receives the facts but not the sensation. Sensational facts when separated from the senses become pure facts. Facts are coordinated by 3 to generate thoughts. Such thoughts are organised into a system to become a decision for action. What acts in 3 is not senses but the mental sense which is the essence of senses.

This can be more fully appreciated when we consider what happens in the formation of concepts and ideas. Here it is not the mental sense that acts but the faculty of discrimination. Sense is removed from the fact so that it becomes a pure fact. Pure facts are uninfluenced even by the mental sense and lend themselves to form an idea or concept.

My friend helps me to learn the work is a sensational fact which is a rider to the work of learning. The non-sensational fact is, I am learning the work. Learning the work is a fact for the mental senses. Shorn of the mental sense, it becomes PURE when we see an unskilled part becomes skilled by the higher organised energy relating to the unorganised faculty. This is a concept, an idea.

Basically, physical moves; it creates movement and thereby generates energy. The physical movements are organised by 7 as primary skill of organised physical movements. The vital organises energy to act forcefully in a given direction. Mind organises sensational facts into decision and pure facts into ideas.

Number 3 is the organiser and every little thing achieved by civilisation so far is achieved only by 3.

Three is in direct relation with 6 & 9 that are physical too. Juxtaposed between 4 and 2, naturally it is in touch with them.

The physical mind, 3, is in direct relation to 7, the mind of the physical. Three is practical and receives only empirical facts. For this reason it can never fail. For the very same reason it cannot be creative because creativity requires imagination and must function in non-physical contexts.

No. 4 is the mind of the vital which thinks guided by the intensity of the energy and its effectivity. Psychologically it is selfish. Non-psychologically it is the thought of the energy, rather high energy. Therefore it is non-moral, cunning, shrewd, often unfailing. Morals issue out of ethics and belong to the plane of mind, not the mind of the vital. 3 receives the feed of 4 but sheds its sensation before it processes it. Shedding the sensation, 3 is enabled to decide on an issue while sensations will weaken the decision. At a further stage, the decision that is weakened by the sensation of 4, will be strengthened by the higher sensation of 2.

As 9 is the physical existence or awareness, 3 is mental existence or mental awareness. But 3 as it is not yet touched by 2 remains unemotional. Great administrators belong to 3. HE says Ford has pragmatic intelligence whose home is 3. Those in whom 3 is well developed will be successful executives.

No. 3's objectivity is less when sentiment of No. 2 colours it, but if the sentiment is one that is intense with the decision of 3, the decision is fortified.

Thought is the product of sensation in the physical part of the mind. The function of brain produces thought, one faculty of mind, contrary to the belief that mind is the result of the functioning of brain.

3 is the seat of action because it moves 7 which is the primary actor.

story | by Dr. Radut