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Part III

 any compunction in making the saint wait; the call of duty and the post of duty claim your exclusive attention, not anything else, not even a saint. An experiment done in this spirit will yield LUCK as the result. An American youth had to disoblige the elderly admiral in preference to his visit to the Samadhi. A lady who went on foot to seek a 4000/- rupee income lost it and recovered it when she changed her attitude and action.

That American youth took up service in a project under a very elderly Indian. The old Indian invested a good bit of money but his mind was only on the success of the project which will usher him into popularity and fame. Being a public project dedicated to service, this young American was a part of it, a very important part. The project excelled in quality of work among those of its kind even before its completion. The leader was elated beyond measure to the point of being silly and childish, taking hoards of the most meaningless people at all hours — once at 11 PM in the moonlight too! — to exhibit his success. The old man was not so much interested in the material reward as in its psychological sequence.

A cyclone of intense velocity was shaping. It descended on the project. About 80 people were on the project and were seeking shelter from the rain. They sought shelter in a big shed that could hold all the people. Men inside had several questions and luckily, on one man’s suggestion, they all began to pray and walked home. Minutes after they safely reached their homes two miles away, the winds set in and this big shed and all the other sheds collapsed. Had the men remained there, one could imagine the consequences. The entire project was ruined beyond repair. Thanks to their luck, no human life was lost. For two days the project was inaccessible due to road blocks and at the end of the second day, the project leader and the American reached the site. The American’s heart was rent by the plight of the men there while the leader was ruminating over the lost bouquet of fame.

Urgent relief measures needed 5000/- rupees because it was already too late. The leader was like a stone and would not listen to it. The youth had no resources, had never borrowed money in his life and in a new clime had no acquaintances whom he could approach. His heart was full and red with scars. What could he ever do? He could do anything that could be done by empty hands and a rich heart. He called the manager and asked him to immediately initiate relief measures and promised (!) to return soon with Rs. 5000/-.

He was not organisationally responsible, but felt a moral responsibility. He was humanistic. He had to overcome his traditional conservative attitude of not borrowing. He had to overcome too the situation of asking people who do not have money. Anyway, he was set in mind and fashioned a strategy to implement it. “I shall go to the Samadhi and unburden myself there. On my coming out, let me ask the very first acquaintance for 5000/- rupees”. Every nerve in him jarred. But he was determined. He began to consecrate every breath and every step. When he was about to enter the Ashram, an elderly retired admiral who knew him slightly called him. What a mission and what an interference. He excused himself and proceeded. The old man insisted. The young man politely explained he was on an urgent errand and would meet him later in his room. The old man insisted further and held the youth’s hand in a tight grip affectionately. It was too much of affection for the occasion. On further insistence by the admiral, the young man emptied his mind to him instead of at the Samadhi and decided to ask the admiral himself for the Rs. 5000/-. The admiral offered it as a gift.

What the youth sought was immediate relief in the shape of a help. He got a gift. A year later, unsolicited, the project received four and a half lakhs of rupees as a further gift, which in the context of the project was luck.

God is born on earth as avatar. But while on earth he cannot function as God as he would do in his own world. He will have all his godly power only in the human context. The reigning power in the human plane will be the human rules, not the divine prowess. When Sachchidananda descends into the body, the dominating vibration is that of the body and not Sachchidananda. That realisation is known as Jadavat.

Mother may enter into human consciousness to create luck; but the ruling vibration will be of the MAN. In the measure of human receptivity alone, Mother can express herself. She cannot overrule Man in his own plane. To receive Mother’s Luck, or Luck through Mother, Man has to accommodate Mother in his mind and life.

Doubts will continue to rise whether one can abridge time. An officer acquires through 30 weeks of training what a clerk gets in 30 years. What a poor man learns in very long years of experience, a rich man catches in one instance. Education abridges one generation. As society abridges millennia and education abridges a generation, training can abridge a whole career. Alertness can eliminate years of labour. So Mother’s Consciousness can abridge a whole lifetime into a few years.

Existence is a horizontal movement. Evolution is a vertical movement. At the lowest point of existence, life functions through dualities. As you rise, the conflict between dualities lessens and disappears. When the conflict disappears, the horizontal movement changes into a vertical movement. Existence is transformed into Evolution.

As the vertical movement emerges, the individual life is increasingly supported by the wider universal life. The wider life which is full of material plenty unburdens itself on the individual, turning his life into Luck.

He who wants to make an experiment in Luck has a few other options. They are the point of life where he has —

(1)     the maximum enjoyment,

(2)     the maximum of effectivity,

(3)     the maximum of understanding, and

(4)     the best rasi.

The same experiment can also be done as follows:

(1)     Choose the activity where you naturally expand most,

(2)     Repeat the activity, consecrating each movement,

(3)     Raise the quality of activity in subsequent experiments till you reach your highest

         duty, and

(4)    Seek the result through Mother. Luck will emerge.

If you want to go further and do not so much care about luck, seek the result of the same project through Mother. Mother will emerge.

  • What is not in sight is luck, not in திருஷ்டி, பார்வை, hence அதிர்ஷ்டம்.
  • Luck is poorvajanma punya now yielding results unseen.
  • Not only poorvajanma punya, but poorvajanma capacities that could not yield results then, now bear fruit.
  • Capacity by itself cannot yield results without appropriate circumstances attending.
  • Not only right circumstances are necessary, but all the capacities necessary must be present to yield the result.
  • All the capacities merely present may produce a result and that result will be a minimum result.
  • For the maximum result to be produced on an occasion, all the capacities present must be     saturated with full potentials.
  • Maximum possible result in a situation may not be luck.
  • An inconceivably high result that baffles even the extended imagination is considered luck.
  • To produce that, apart from all the capacities saturated with full potentials, the external life       should extend its ready support of its hitherto unexpressed possibilities.
  • A dull boy, with all the capacities present, passing the exam is the minimum result.
  • The same boy passing in I class or standing first in the class is the maximum result.
  • The same boy standing first being selected for studies abroad in the best of universities on a   reputed scholarship that ensures the rest of his career at a high  level is considered luck.
  • Man acquires one capacity in one birth. This is the general rule.
  • Several capacities are acquired successively in several births.
  • When all the capacities are present in him, for them to yield a result, the appropriate circumstances are needed. He usually acquires them in a further birth.
  • When all the capacities are ripe and mature and the circumstance presents itself, he may rise very near to the top, but may not reach the top because still it is mostly because of his own     effort.
  • It turns into luck only when the external circumstances swing into action and are over-eager to bring his efforts to fruition. Then successive great results issue.
  • Luck of any description may peter out after one expression.
  • Behind what is luck now, lies an endless effort for ages, painstaking and meticulous.
  • The life of Eisenhower is a great illustration of hard work permeated with high values finally after a very long probation resulting in Luck.
  • In Mother’s Consciousness, long centuries can be abridged into short years.
  • Mother gave a tantric guru the benefits of several births.
  • Education abridges the entire past history into one or two decades with respect to information.
  • Family similarly abridges the entire past into one decade with respect to values.
  • The society too teaches man in a short period what is learnt over the centuries.
  • Education abridges the period of acquiring knowledge.
  • Family abridges the period of acquiring values.

         Society abridges the period of skills of survival.

         Mother abridges the period of evolving to a higher social status.

  • As the original endowment of Mother’s Consciousness is to abridge the millennia of evolution, abridging the period required for a higher social status is an easy task for it.
  • Achieving results has two parts: one, the individual’s capacity, energy and knowledge; the       other, the necessary favourable external social and occult circumstances.
  • Ordinary man over many births acquires capacities and awaits the appropriate moment in life.
  • If such a soul is born in appropriate circumstances, luck is not so evident.
  • If such a soul is born in unfavourable circumstances, the changing circumstances are             considered lucky.
  • With capacities, energy and knowledge the result is not assured. One in ten succeeds.
  • In Mother’s Consciousness, with the presence of capacities, energy and knowledge, the result is assured. Ten out of ten succeed.
  • Mother readily supplies the external favourable circumstances for the man endowed with         capacity, energy and knowledge.
  • Anyone with all three can make a token experiment in luck. Such an experiment can even be   undertaken to rectify a project which failed in spite of the capacity, energy and knowledge.
  • Not the maximum result but an extraordinary result alone will be considered Luck.
  • For luck to show it is not enough to have all the abilities, but they must be saturated too. Also there should be saturation of the abilities below the surface in the subconscious.
  • Where talents are present to saturation, Mother grants luck at once. SHE did so to a musician, a sportsman, a politician.
  • Mother is able to act so because the human instrument has completed its part. She begins     where man ends.
  • Most men will have one area of pronounced ability. It is best suited for an experiment in luck.
  • Mother’s Force has created not only luck but even beauty.
  • There is a line of existence in life which represents survival. For those who are below the line, to cross the line an enormous energy is required. That energy is enough to create luck after     crossing the line.
  • He who has once crossed the line, if he maintains the effort, can reach any height.
  • Luck can be created only when the process is understood, not by those who merely receive the results.
  • Tom Peters thought his book would sell 10,000 copies, but it sold three million because he was in tune with the national aspiration.
  • An individual who relates to any wider vibration like that can enjoy luck like Tom Peters. Green Revolution gave luck to a few.
  • People who resist an idea change after seeing the result, or out of competition or later in life.   Some change their attitude after failure or disappointment or even punishment.

          Such people, if they come forward to change out of understanding, can easily prepare for luck.

  • If one finer aspect is missing in the execution of a great project, a possibility of luck will come down to being merely a successful work. That would be the difference between a Gandhiji       and Rajaji.
  • Lucky people are often unaware of their capacities till the results overcome them in overwhelming measure and repeat a few times.
  • To know Mother as LUCK and accept Her at that level brings luck.
  • Work rising to the level of art, energy expanding in joy, understanding that strikes everyone as a marvel, results in completing the project with miraculous benefits. Then work rises to luck.   That is the first stage. Several successive stages remain to follow.
  • A token experiment to create luck is best attempted in an area where you are fully endowed     with capacities, energies and knowledge but which has so far not borne fruit.
  • As a second best choice of field, general permanent luck can be created in your own profession, no matter how impossible it now looks, if only you are willing to saturate your capacities, energies and knowledge in the field of your work. It means in your work, you must have a knowledge no one around has, you must have an enthusiasm no one else possesses, and your industry and skill should surpass everyone else’s.
  • Purna yoga abridges several thousand years of work into several years. Luck is at the lowest   plane of life, viz. the physical life, whereas life, mind, spirit are above. Mother’s Force acts on a still higher plane in the Supermind. Therefore it must be possible to create luck with Mother’s Force.
  • Mother’s Force wipes off karma. So, in the reverse, we create luck with Her Force.
  • Karma that dogs us from past births is wiped out by Mother. Luck that waits in future births is brought now by the same Force.
  • Wiping off karma and creation of Luck are the same process in opposite directions. One is negative but the other is positive.
  • There are several points of our life mature with potentials.
  • There an experiment can always be made.
  • If creation of luck is doubtful, you can experiment with the abolition of karma which everyone   has.
  • The possibility of creation of luck or abolition of karma is indicated by your consecration evoking a response from outside, particularly to complete an incomplete work.
  • Knowledge comes by interest. Extraordinary knowledge comes by extraordinary interest. There is no knowledge one cannot acquire if he is interested. In fact, knowledge is mental interest.
  • Remembering Mother before work comes to mind accomplishes work.
  • Remembering Mother after the thought of work comes is like reading after the examination.
  • Those who are lucky are those who have acquired equipment and endowment earlier and         possess it now unknown to them.
  • Those who expect luck are those who expect results without acquiring equipments or             endowments.
  • If some of them are willing to acquire those endowments and equipments now, luck can be     created in their lives.
  • Life exists on the surface and below the surface. Further in the depths lie manners, behaviour   and character. Luck can be created at any level and each will have its own version of success and results.
  Level of life and type of organisation of consciousness                                                                  Type of result
                Surface- Immediate
    Below the surface in the true feeling for a while- Lasting result for a decade or the best part of career
  Manners        - organization as a policy- one generation
  Behaviour      - work organisation- a few generations
  Character      - organisation in values- forever endlessly
  • In practice devotees receive Mother’s Grace at a level where their consciousness is organised. Luck comes at an earlier level, e.g. if one receives Mother below the surface, luck shows on     the surface.
  • For luck to be created at any level, Mother should be received at a level deeper by one grade.
  • God is Sachchidananda. Every man reaches there daily in his sleep. The contact is unconscious. The subconscious is touched.
  • To let Sachchidananda touch life is luck.
  • If man, who unconsciously reaches Sachchidananda in sleep, tries the same journey consciously, life will be touched by luck.
  • Where LUCK is finding constant expression, there will be expansive joy, enthusiastic confidence, and a little creativity.
  • Conversely, where a little creativity, enthusiastic confidence and expansive joy are created, luck knocks on the door.
  • Luck is seen as outer monetary accomplishment; the prior inner psychological accomplishments are unseen.
  • The greatest scholars have shed decades of perspiration before the world applauds their inspiration.
  • Faith is superior to effort. People who develop faith turn to it only after exhausting their effort in vain.
  • Faith, before exhausting effort, ushers in luck.
  • Faith is not luck. Faith rises above effort and therefore brings luck, since even effort can bring   luck.
  • Luck brought by faith can be long lasting since it cancels doubt in the very beginning.
  • In half-organised situations, often the most important work depends upon small items of work or small people’s cooperation. It enables the small man to torpedo the work or permits a mishap. (Devotees save those situations by prayer)
  • In a fully organised company or work, it will never be the case.
  • Reversely, luck means to ensure the result in a halforganised situation by bringing in a positive element. This lends itself to experimentation.
  • Where you are really talented, there may be an item that is anathema to you. Be sure it is your grave digger.
  • If you are aware of what you are allergic to and are willing to reverse your attitude exhibiting a   willing readiness, you can create luck in that area.
  • If you are fully talented and in your personality is the dark devil, you can similarly remove it and create luck in the whole of your life.
  • Make two experiments in luck:-

          First in the best area of your life.

          Next in the worst area of your life.

  • Process of creation of luck can solve ANY problem, as this is a smaller work.
  • Man seeking ONLY Mother from a heart of pure goodness is rewarded with Mother’s Luck     which means MOTHER offers Herself to him.
  • Pure devotion, bakthi, faith and goodness are native to the hearts and souls of many a householder. To all of them Mother’s Luck is possible.
  • A householder of pure faith and devotion is the tapasvin in life. In some ways he is superior to   the tapasvin.
  • Yagnavalkya has not ceased to exist.
  • In practical terms, luck turns out to be the interest of a great man in power in a poor man.
  • A high place, great wealth, exalted status sometimes confers luck on a common man.
  • Surely then, God’s Grace is a source of Luck for MAN.
  • God, as we know him, does not function as Luck in human life, though that is true of HIM.
  • Mother always functions only like that towards the devotees, only that the devotee should fulfil the conditions.
  • Luck comes unseen. Occasionally luck also comes on the heels of a threat, to overcome       which, MAN exerts himself fully.
  • A great work may generate poor or no results.
  • A small work may generate good or extraordinary results.
  • In all work, both these above aspects are present.
  • The knowledge of how to do a work by avoiding the first and ensuring the second can be acquired by all.
  • Centering oneself in Mother’s Consciousness, work is done in that way, but you will be unconscious of the process.
  • Moving from Consciousness to Knowledge, one can possess it.
  • All methods of Mother carry Her consciousness. Inherently they dissolve karma and create luck in the measure possible in the circumstances.
  • Man accepts several things as inevitable. Therefore they are true to him.
  • Just as death is accepted as inevitable, man accepts luck as inexplicable.
  • Science has created a million new possibilities.
  • Science has also created a million new products.
  • They have changed the world, made life easy, making the impossible possible.
  • Science is in the physical-material plane.
  • Yoga is in the psychological-spiritual plane.
  • Yoga has created a million new possibilities.
  • Yoga has created a million new products.
  • By accepting yoga as man has accepted Science, life can be made happier, making the impossible possible.
  • Luck is the psychological product that can be created.
  • Karma is a psychological disease that can be cured.
  • So far there has been a scientific revolution in the material plane.
  • Hereafter, there will be a psychological revolution in the mental plane.
  • Result is a miracle when the process is not known.
  • Luck generally means Prosperity. But LUCK is there in happiness, health, education, society   and everywhere.
  • A chaste wife and a dutiful son have acquired great yogic powers working at home in simple     circumstances, but with high inner standards.
  • Great accomplishment needed for LUCK can be acquired inwardly by working in simple domestic circumstances holding the inner standards high in consciousness.
  • We accept people for their values, not merely for their capacities. Capacities without values are unacceptable.
  • The values of life are organisation and effectivity or organised effectivity. Life accepts one who   has that. Having accepted, Life grants luck of life to him which is material plenty.
  • The values of Mother are purity and devotion. SHE accepts those who accept Her values. Having accepted them, SHE awards Her Luck which is overflowing inner felicity in addition to   material plenty.
  • For the experiment in LUCK to be a success, all values from the physical at the bottom to       Mother’s values at the top must be fully present.
  • Our psychological, social values will interfere in a small experiment a few hundred times. Not once can we allow it.
  • The saint had to wait for the butcher and the dutiful wife. Bob had to disoblige the admiral. You cannot go pursuing a 4000 rupee income on foot.
  • Bob sought Rs. 5000/- as loan. He got a Rs. 5000/- gift and in the next year the project got a gift of 4 lakhs of rupees.
  • God descending on earth as Avatar is subject to the rules of humanity. Even God, while on earth, has no superior power to overrule the laws of earth. While you are in a plane, that plane is supreme.
  • Body is ஜடம், Matter; Sachchidananda descending into the body succumbs to the rule of the body and the result is ஜடவாதம், jadavat.
  • Mother may come into man’s life, but unless MAN raises himself to the level of Mother inwardly, his luck will be human luck and not Mother’s luck.
  • What a low-placed officer acquires in 30 years, a high officer trainee acquires in 30 weeks.
  • Very long experience teaches a poor man the same thing which a rich man understands on one occasion.
  • In Mother’s Consciousness the whole experience of a lifetime can be acquired in a few years.
  • Existence is a horizontal movement. Evolution is a vertical movement.
  • At the lowest point, existence moves in conflicting dualities opposing each other.
  • At the highest point, existence moves from stage to stage without confronting the conflicts.
  • As the movement at the highest point of existence is saturated, it begins to move vertically.
  • As the vertical movement begins, the individual life begins to secure the full support of wider life. At this point it turns into luck because the wider life is full of material plenty.
  • He who wants to make an experiment in Luck has a few other options. They are,

     (1)   The point of life where he has the maximum enjoyment.

     (2)   The point of life where he has the maximum effectivity.

     (3)   The point of life where he has the maximum understanding.

     (4)   The point of life where he has the best rasi, இராசி.

  • The same experiment can better be done as follows:

         Choose the activity where you naturally expand most.

Do it after complete consecration, consecrating every movement.

Raise the quality of the activity in subsequent experiments till you reach your   highest duty.

Seek the result through Mother — Luck will emerge.

Finally seek the result as a medium to reach Mother — Mother will emerge.

book | by Dr. Radut