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Whatever the problem, recollect the history of the problem in as great a detail as possible. In the recollection, as far as possible, refrain from emotional reaction. Offer all these memories to Mother, bit by bit. You will see some weight will be off the mind. These memories are piled up in layers. Each time this attempt is repeated, one fresh layer will be shed. You may do it once a day.

Having done so, remember Mother in the context of needing relief from this problem once an hour, i.e. on the stroke of the hour, say - 7'o clock, 8, 9, 10, etc. Whatever the work you are doing, keep an eye on your watch and at the stroke, neither a minute earlier or later, think of Mother for a split second. If you can do these two items and in the second you can remember Mother (in the context of your problem) at the stroke of every hour during the waking hours, the problem will disappear.

On the day you are able to do this every hour without fail, the problem will leave you. The philosophy behind the effort is: if you are able to do this, to remember Mother on the stroke, i.e. a given point of time (as different from once an hour) it means your entire consciousness is fully occupied by the effort to remember Mother. That is, where man exhausts his efforts, where he ends, Mother begins Her efforts. Things are solved INSTANTANEOUSLY.

story | by Dr. Radut