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QUESTION:     For the last one week I had another problem. A Supervisor, not attached to my division is involved in pilferage of Board's materials. An officer of my division has been posted to conduct an enquiry. The Supervisor to escape from the charge, he is sending telegrams, letters under pseudonymous names, alleging corruption charges against all officers. He is creating a scare, that everyone is afraid to hand him over to police. Though I am not connected with it, general atmosphere in my office is spoiled much. I pray to The Mother for change of atmosphere and peace, and request blessings from The Mother.

ANSWER:        If you carry the blessings packet on your person, normally this scare will not touch you. There is only one exception to this. If you listen to anyone scandalising any public figure or if you yourself feel that some V.I.P.s deserve to be punished for misdemeanour, this scare will reappear in your life. Please do not sit amongst persons who denigrate ministers, M.L.A.s, superiors, etc. If you are compelled to sit please withdraw your mental consent to these ideas. This scare can never touch you. You may ask why valid complaints should not be voiced either by you or others. Valid complaints are, of course, valid. But in voicing them the person who speaks has a subtle satisfaction in pronouncing the scandal. It is this vibration of subtle enjoyment of a wrong movement that attracts such personal discomfort. Eliminate this, the scare will vanish.

story | by Dr. Radut