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  November 13, 1978

  • Joy is an intense vibration of any center like mind or body but properly belongs to the nervous center (for this particular reference).
  • When the intensity of the vibration is greater than the center can hold, joy is felt most pronounced. Joy normally understood is joy that refers to this excessive intensity.
  • All the time there is a certain joy in man. But as it is not overwhelming, its existence is scarcely noticed.
  • For the vibration of joy to be released in one, this vibration is to be disentangled from all stifling vibrations and is to be related to the major life movement of the man.
  • The following is a part of the list if vibrations that can neutralize the vibration of joy:

Uncertainty in action


Fear, jealousy, laziness, spite, hatred, confusion, fixed ideas, stubborn preferences, doubt, etc.

  • All expansive movements of mind, heart, body reinforce the vibration of joy. E.g. idealism of mind, sympathy of the heart, helpfulness of the vital, exercise of the body.
  • All shrinking movements like rigidity of mind, hatred of the heart, inertia of the body, kill joy.
  • For a given individual, release of joy means release of joy from stifling vibrations at the level of his personality.
  • Process of removing the stifling vibrations:

E.g. fear: suppose a person is afraid of darkness, he must avoid working in the dark.

Conflict of opinion: If a person constantly conflicts with others' opinions, he must organise his work outside this conflict. Or first try to resolve this conflict.

Rigidity of mind: He must endeavour to be not rigid upto the point where his joy is interfered with.

For the permanent release of joy, he must endeavour to remove by analysis and inner work all the joy-killing vibrations.

  • He must constantly endeavour to relate his life to movements of life that fortifies his joy. E.g. He must read books that deal with positive ideas of growth. He must move with happy people. Choose in conversation only happy ideas. Must choose an ideal to live by it. Participate in expansive work like a Lion Club eye camp or a flood relief work.
  • The above will ensure depression not coming in.
  • For the powerful liberation of the vibration of joy, one should take up at lease one major work that touches the depths of his being where joy lodges.

Creative works like painting, music, idealistic theoretical thinking and discussion challenging games are some activities that are of this type.

Psychologically practicing (better still espousing) self-giving in thought, feeling, act and life ensures joy of the highest order.

  • For the devotees of Mother, all this rolls into one single effort. Mother is joy and is the eternal source of joy unknown to humanity. If ever a devotee is depressed his calling Mother will dissolve this depression. Continuous calling of Mother will emanate joy. As life is of many strands, when the calling is suspended, life will resume its original poise and he will soon find joy is missing. He must work on himself to the point of removing the joy-killing impurities upto the basic stuff of his personality. Once this is done, his being in the life plane will be pure. He must now concentrate on the life plane and reach the deepest point he can go to. From there he must call Mother. Floods of joy will invade his being. He must learn to retain this ‘call' in some small measure even when he is not in work. Practice of calling joy three, four times a day from this center everyday will powerfully and permanently relate him to joy.

By a careful observation he must discriminate what enhances his joy and what spoils it and he must organise his life accordingly.

story | by Dr. Radut