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Karma vs. Luck

November 4, 2000

  • Our belief is that Karma cannot be broken.
  • But society as it advances each step breaks up what was believed to be karma up to that point.
  • Whatever the Truth of karma or not, civilization by its progress, development of science, discovery of technology, organisation, urbanization, etc. has been breaking karma a little step by step.
  • In the more affluent countries, as well as in the more affluent sections of the community, karma is less believed in and acted upon.
  • In that sense, karma is an ignorance, maybe a superstition.
  • Still there are instances where the pre-ordained nature is seen, events are predicted, even as to what a person would eat for a meal.
  • Karma is true so long as man accepts it. It is not true when he refuses.
  • So far, this is a consideration of karma and how it can be defined.
  • The reverse of karma is luck.
  • The same arguments can be reversed and we can argue that luck can be created.
  • We see the evidence of karma, the creation of luck in a certain measure in the lives of devotees.
  • We see that all these come to an end, beyond which the mind refuses to think. Maybe it is again karma in another form.
  • Is there a beyond? If so, do we want to reach there? If so, how?
  • There is a beyond. We can reach there in the measure we are willing to take effort.
  • What is that effort?
  • Creation came into existence by Knowledge turning into Ignorance.
  • It is up to us to cherish either Ignorance or Knowledge.
  • By deciding to give up Ignorance and aspiring for Knowledge, one can rise as high as he chooses.
  • Will you make that choice?
  • At the moment of choice, there will be a surge of energy.
  • That energy can be directed into a force of personality, organised into power and can be made to deliver the results through skill.
  • The results will depend upon the values you cherish.
  • Truthfulness, self-giving, self-existent Joy are high values.
  • These values can give one the Spiritual knowledge of anything, e.g. money.
  • That knowledge can be converted into power by expressing your personality in a field of work, e.g. to get the appointment or working in the school.  

Thus converted into power, it will reveal as MONEY of the size of your aspiration.

story | by Dr. Radut