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Volume 3 Chapter 4

Context in the novel: 
Jane informs Elizabeth about Colonel Forster’s visit to Longbourn
Colonel Forster came yesterday, having left Brighton the day before
Topics discussed: 
Catastrophe, thought, falsehood, strength, receiving, gratitude, secondary causes
Questions raised: 

Russia did not receive help from the US after World War II, and rose to great political heights. How did it rise without financial aid?
What is a false personality?
What is the correct attitude to receive something? How does gratitude reduce the effect of the ego? Elizabeth receives help from Darcy, will she do him harm later?
Mother gives everything, so should we be grateful to her alone, or to the person who gives or helps us?
Why do we get problems that others face, when we pray for them?
Is there a way to avoid the consequences of praying for someone or wanting to solve another's problem?
Why do we seek another person's help when we can solve our own problems?

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