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Karmayogi’s guidance on marriage and romance

Announcing the launching of a new version of

  • Read in-depth articles on romance, love and marriage with video illustrations
  • Assess your relationship on a 10 level scale of Romance
  • Raise the level of harmony in your relationship
  • Learn unfailing strategies for improving any relationship
Coming Soon – more articles and a relationship decision-making system

Karmayogi announces new forum "Pride & Prejudice for Prosperity & Accomplishment"

A new forum has been launched on Jane Austen's novel Pride & Prejudice to illustrate the principles of accomplishment for generating prosperity in one's personal life .

ஒருவரது தனிப்பட்ட வாழ்க்கையை எப்படி வளமாக்க முடியும் என்பதை Jane Austen-னின் , Pride and Prejudice எனும் நாவலில் உள்ள கோட்பாடுகள் மூலம் விளக்கும் ஒரு புதிய மன்றம் துவக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது.

See Karmayogi's Tamil introduction to the forum here:

Pride and Prejudice, presentation by Garry Jacobs in Chennai, on August 30-31, 2008

Download the text of Volume I of Pride and Prejudice with detailed commentary and principles here. The Tamil translation will be available shortly.

Recent Additions

  1. Individuality and the Manifestation of Infinity
    To mortal, limited beings living in ephemeral, physical bodies in a transient, material world of visible and tangible finite forms, the existence of an invisible, insubstantial, infinite, eternal, omniscient, omnipotent, universal and transcendent Di..........
  2. Volume III Chapter 1 : The Meeting at Pemberley
    (August 1812) Elizabeth is thrilled seeing Pemberley and notes how good it might be to be the Mistress of Pemberley. The housekeeper greets them and speaks very highly of Darcy, surprising Elizabeth. Later, they run into Darcy. At first, both Elizabe..........
  3. Volume III Chapter 2 : Darcy Calls on Elizabeth
    Darcy arrives promptly the day his sister returns home, to introduce her to Elizabeth. Elizabeth is surprised that Miss Darcy is shy and not excessively proud as Wickham had claimed. Bingley arrives as well, joining the party with his sisters. Elizab..........
  4. புத்தகத்திற்கும் BBC திரைப்படத்திற்கும் உள்ள வித்தியாசங்கள்
     டார்சியும், பிங்கிலியும் நெதர்பீல்டைக் காண்பதற்காக,குதிரையில் வந்து, அந்த இடத்தைப் பற்ற..........
  5. Volume I Chapter 23 : The Bennets learn about Collins’ Engagement
    Chapter 23: The Bennets learn about Collins’ Engagementகாலின்ஸின் திருமண நிச்சயத்தை பென்னட் குடும்பத்தினர் அறிதல் Summary: When Sir W..........
  6. Volume I Chapter 22 : Collins Proposes to Charlotte
    Chapter 22: Collins Proposes to Charlotteகாலின்ஸ் சார்லெட்டுக்கு விடுத்த திருமண வேண்டுகோள் Summary: The Bennets dine with the Lucases the next day and Eliz..........
  7. Volume I Chapter 21 : Wickham visits Longbourn
    Chapter 21: Wickham visits Longbournலாங்பர்னுக்கு விக்காமின் வருகை Summary: After he withdraws his suit to Elizabeth, Collins quickly begins to ignore her in favor of Charlotte. The girls v..........

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