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429. Nirupama – India – Unconscious Man

Nirupama, age 16, is the only child of idealistic parents who gave up their profession of auditing and teaching to found a school. They never sent their child to school. They taught her at home. It meant that both of them spent all their thoughts on how to teach a child at home and having that as the only mission in life, gave their all to her mental growth. At the age of 16 she excels those who have taught at the university level for ten years or even twenty years. The child is not a prodigy. She is an ordinary child. The parents are not extraordinarily endowed in any field. They are just parents. Their ideal, effort, dedication, diligence, and unremitting application to educating their child is laudable, perhaps never witnessed anywhere else.

As pioneers they went through a lot of literature, considered every innovative teaching material anywhere in the world, and tried their psychological best to look at the world with Nirupama's eyes. They are at it full time even now. This shows two things: 1. What the educational opportunities are to a child when the parents are fully dedicated to her. 2. What a pioneer needs to undergo. Now that they have achieved what is apparently unachievable, it is possible to reduce their phenomenal effort into a system which any school can routinely follow, if it chooses to be a pioneer in Indian education. Then it may come to stay as future Indian education, i.e. to produce an academic mind of fifty years at the age of 14.

The foundation they have laid in MIND is extraordinary. James Mill taught his son Stuart Mill and finished his education at the age of 14. Later Stuart Mill became a thinker and philosopher. Nirupama has a further advantage. Instead of raising her mental attainments higher, her mind can be laid OPEN to the Spiritual ray of Light which is the source of all knowledge. Should that happen, the world will discover what TRAINING can achieve in spiritual education. The opportunities in today's Indian society are economic, financial, monetary, educational, with openings to move up socially, etc. Above all, India is in a position to create BALANCED human beings in an integrated balanced society. To start with a SINGLE circumstance of a willing individual is necessary. It will be better if it is an organisation.

story | by Dr. Radut