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New Age


                                                                                                October 21, 1991

   The New Age came to the fore in the sixties refusing the establishment, tradition, the traditional religion, the administration, the draft, the conventional dress, etc. To take it to the extreme, the New Age rejected the old hair style, the existing educational system and as a climax came forward to break the social unit of the family. In the last  25 years this movement has not substantially achieved anything in the society, but it is not lost. The awakening the New Age created is not only alive but has grown below the surface and lies in wait for sound leadership.

   A new leadership that now emerges to recreate the New Age of the 60's need not take up the old thread because its loose ends are lost. What the new leadership should do is to know that the spirit of the earlier awakening has grown underneath the surface and it will no longer be satisfied by breaking the outer forms as in the 60's, but will be ready to break the inner seals.

   The inner establishment consists of habits of the mind, vital and physical. When they are broken, what emerges is the PSYCHIC. To think and understand is the mind's way of functioning. Not to think but to understand in silence is to break the inner citadel of the mind. To be desire-driven and motivated by ego is the old inner establishment. Not to initiate acts by desire or by egoistic motives is to break them. The body loves to repeat what it has learnt and understands it as comfort. Not to seek comfort in that sense is to destroy the hold of the body on the inner person. The vital loves its preferences as an ideal. To love the work that falls to your lot in preference to the vital's likes is to hamstring the vital in one leg. It loves to complain. The other leg will be hamstrung if complaining is stopped. The inner life requires far greater energy than the outer life which is unconscious. Unless one seeks to make all the progress one can, the energy needs of the NEW inner life will not be met. Self-justification is the forte of the old life. Self-critical awareness that issues from the observation of the external events as a reflection of our inner status gives all the knowledge that life needs.

   Eating, sleeping, speaking and acting which comprise our life now are all unconscious. To make all of them conscious by constantly referring them to the inner light is indispensable.

   It is possible to show the aspiring New Age that a life that meets the life-requirements of that aspiration comes from a silent attitude of an unegoistic, desireless person who refuses to indulge his past physical habits by repetition. Such a life will flourish by the constant remembrance of the inner light before we act in any manner.

   Once it is done in essence as above, to draw up its versions in politics, business, public life, personal life etc., is a mere extension, though much NEW thought in silence should go into it.

story | by Dr. Radut