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401. The Nation's Growing Wealth is Personal Prosperity

A rich nation has rich citizens. People become rich not by being dependent on others, or the family or even their organisation. He who leads others, heads the family, or proves innovative in the organisation makes himself successful and rich. A nation thus becomes wealthy. Such people are called entrepreneurs. What are the characteristics of an entrepreneur? In short, one who does not conform to the social codes is an entrepreneur. Can we make it more explicit? Let us divide the population into two parts, leaders and followers. Our subject here is the leaders.

A nation becomes wealthy, rich, prosperous, and famous by those who are willing to die happily for her, to give their all, who do not calculate or think of the future only, who never count their chickens, who HAVE in their hearts the glory of Mother India. Are you one of these? Are you willing to throw away your job and walk naked in the street? In 1920 Gandhiji asked people to leave the British schools, British courts and British offices. Many followed him. Some became glorious leaders; others became volunteers. Even after Freedom, they remained poor volunteers. That was before 1956, before the descent of the Force. I invite you to throw away a lucrative bank job and start an industry. If you are an entrepreneur, I assure you your several thousand rupee salary will become several thousand crores of business.

At least one person listened to me, opposed his family, resigned a government job, and did what I asked him. Today he has as many crores as he was earning in rupees as salary. He is a tireless worker, has never deserted a friend, and not for one moment wavered in his loyalty to his duty. He is a top industrialist in the country. He started an unconventional energy project, introduced the latest agriculture technology, and sponsored ways of life that will inspire youngsters. He was betrayed by almost everyone. He had the Great Good Sense to say, "What they do is up to them. Let me do what is right and good". He knows how to face every difficulty. Even his most virulent enemy was forced to change his attitude towards him. He is an entrepreneur. India needs NOT salaried employees. India needs patriotic leaders. Everyone is a leader. Will you lead the leaders?


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K. Venkatesh

story | by Dr. Radut