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Moving the Market



Any company would like to know the trick or strategy that would bring more and more of the market to them. That is their breath of life. By spending on advertisement, promotional literature, and so on, if that purpose can be achieved, it is good. This is a method based on Sri Aurobindo's spiritual evolution tuned to the needs of the businessman. This is the same method to move money or people towards you. Here it is written in the language of the market.

The two cardinal things, one a principle and the other a fact, are 1) right now you are at the disposal of the market, that is, the market dominates the individual shop and 2) it is a fact that the market is the creation of the individual and therefore he must dominate the market, which means it will move towards him.

The market is in the plane of life, that is, in the vital plane. In this plane, the rule is that strength alone wins. Whoever is weak, moves towards the stronger. Let us examine the creation of the market and its present position. It is the need of the individual that created the market and in that sense the individual is the antecedent. Even as the bank is the creation of the depositor and the depositor to this day remains primary, it is the individual who is primary with respect to the market. But in reality, the bank dominates the customer and the market dictates to the individual.

If only the individual, be it the buyer or the seller, realises that the market is his creation, then the market will be subdued and will lose its domination over him. Further when he realises the significance of relative strength, and sees that his own strength can be more than that of the market, then he makes that a reality. As a result, the market opens to him like a flood.

The question is, what is the strength we speak of and how do we increase it? The strength of the vital is energy. The more organised it is, the stronger it is and the more honest it is, the stronger it is. Energy, organisation and truthfulness, that is, honesty, are the constituents of vital strength.

It is true that the market gains a stronger hold on the supplier. This is because the market misuses the position it has acquired. That misuse will be ineffective with an honest supplier. It is needless to argue or explain that truth and honesty are stronger than their opposites. Honesty implies a good product of quality which we take for granted. The only thing that is to be discussed is our relationship with the market. Normally if a product is scarce, the supplier dominates the market. A weak or new product is at the mercy of the market. In either case, the rule is that the strong dominates the weak. This is a human rule and by this, if you are weak you have to suffer. Our position is that whether we are new or weak, it is possible to become strong and attract the market. Our strength comes from our vital honesty.

In a day we have dozens of activities. In each of them we choose to be honest or the opposite. If we decide to be honest in all the activities of the day, our vital becomes stronger.

The little strength gained in one day will be seen in the market as a little change. At this point one should be willing to examine one's mind and vital attitudes expressed in each activity of the day and particularly each activity of the business to be purely honest. That done, there will be a great opening in the market. It will certainly move towards the person. This is enough to succeed a hundred fold. But this is only the first step.

This method or attitude if practised will not only attract business, but will copiously attract money and men in large numbers. Some little tuning of it is necessary when you change the fields.

Beyond the Vital

Having achieved success on this scale, if one chooses to go ahead further or at least wants to know the process of going further ahead, the methods and ideas are there.

Vital to the mental:  In the market we work with enthusiasm, that is, by energy, and succeed. The same becomes mental work if done not by energy and enthusiasm but by systems and organisation.

Mental to higher mental: In the mind we create systems and organisation by thinking. In the higher mind we understand by Silence, not by thinking.

Higher mind to Illumined mind: Here we understand by light, that is, dhrishti or vision.

Illumined mind to intuitive mind:  We dispense with thought, silence and light too and directly understand by intuition.

Intuitive mind to Supermind: So far we sought knowledge because it was outside. In Supermind, knowledge is inside, you do not seek it.

Supermind to consciousness: Consciousness is the origin of knowledge. So, we do not seek knowledge either outside or inside because it is part of the consciousness.

Consciousness to being: Here we are not even conscious but simply are. That makes the market move towards us.

From being to the Absolute: To be is to manifest. The Absolute is an unmanifest state. When we refuse to be, we withdraw into the original state of the unmanifest Absolute.

The market moves towards us for our vital honesty in life. The same result in a greater measure happens in the further successive levels as follows - mind by organisation, higher mind by silence, illumined mind by dhrishti, intuitive mind by direct knowledge, Supermind by inner knowledge, consciousness by consciousness, Sat by being and the next higher state by refusing to manifest.

story | by Dr. Radut