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448. Mother Never Punishes

We often hear that if we are not right, God will punish us.  The truth there is very little.  Gods belong to the Overmind.  They too have guna, swabhava like us, but they may be in traces.  They are not free from ego.  What is true is when we propitiate them and they are pleased, they are so powerful to grant us anything they choose.  Punishment is not in their scheme.  But, if anyone wishes to offend any God, woe unto him.  He will certainly be cursed or punished as Siva did to the poet Nakeeran.  What is true in our life, our human life, is we don't get the results aimed at for want of skill, interest, capacity, means.  When we fail like that we have a way of saying ‘God has punished me'.  This is a vastly prevalent psychological superstition.

A rich man when he foolishly spends or invests or lends, he is not hurt by the loss.  But the loss is true.  It is within his financial capacity to withstand that loss.  Mother never  punishes people.  SHE does not have the capacity to punish.  But there is "punishment" invisible.  HER Grace comes down in floods.  We are unconscious of it.  Even on the day Supermind descended NONE of us felt its Presence.  To illustrate this point, I cannot resort to spiritual explanations, because they are nebulous.  Only example from life can explain it.  One truth about MAN is when a man rises in life very fast, he takes it for granted.  After some time he even forgets it.  So also when a man loses a great opportunity - especially when it is invisible - he is not likely to know what he has lost.

There is no punishment with Mother, but there is an immense loss of which he is not aware.  People of  humble origin, inspite of great talents, are unable to conceive the heights they can rise to.  When they come to Mother, SHE readily offers those opportunities.  They are often unaware of it or make a remark like, "I am not so greedy as that".  That remark is enough to cancel the opportunity in the subtle plane.  It took more than 10 years for me to understand this phenomenon.  Now, I see other people missing it.  I am unable to explain it to them in their idiom.


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K. Venkatesh

story | by Dr. Radut