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Money Represents Value


Nov. 11, 2000

  • Money represents goods and services.
  • He who produces goods earns money.
  • He who produces services earns money.
  • Money represents values.
  • Work values, social values, commercial values, administrative values, personal values, psychological values, ethical values, moral values and spiritual values come under the head values.
  • All goods create occasions for services.
  • All goods and services create occasions for their values.
  • There are functional values and pure values.
  • Goods and services may be limited for the individual.
  • Values being subtle are not limited in the individual.
  • Theoretically an individual can create infinite values in his mind till they reach perfection.
  • In theory, he who creates values infinitely, creates infinite wealth.
  • Quality of product, timely delivery, better packaging, reliability in dealing, honest transactions, courteous treatment add to the money values of the product.
  • Similarly, services are enhanced in money value by the values they carry.
  • Values are capable of being independent of goods and services though in practice it is rare.
  • As mind has created matter, it is values that created goods and services and therefore what we call goods and services are only the results of material values and social values.
  • We have come to consider goods material, services vital and values mental, though all are one.
  • As societies create money by their goods, so societies create by their values.
  • What is true about the society is true about the individual.
  • We see individuals of value earning more through services and goods.
  • It is difficult to see values alone earning money all by themselves.
  • When society creates a way of life or an organisation, it first nurtures them upto a point and when it becomes self-existent, it lets it live its own life even as we water a plant until it strikes roots.
  • A few thousand years ago, spoken language was not as much developed in the society as it is now. Only a tiny minority spoke fluently which was a wonder to others whose vocabulary was only a few hundred words. Had anyone told them that a day would come when every man would be fluently speaking, it would have been inconceivable.
  • Today language as an institution has struck roots, become self-existent and is capable of self-multiplication.
  • My theme is a parallel one. A day will soon come when every man will be able to create as much money as he desires even as he can speak now as much as he wants.
  • This is not just true of language and money. It is true of all organisations society has created.
  • Market and tourism reveal this characteristic very much.
  • We understood goods are money, services are money, values add money value to goods and services. It is hard to see values are money by themselves.
  • The Indian economy has grown by accepting several such values. Otherwise, it is not easy to explain the growth of economy in monetary terms.
  • Economic growth in all societies and at all times has taken place like this and can be explained from value point of view. Even when explained from other points of view, the value-dimension will be inclusive there.
  • The meteoric growth of the computer industry can be seen as speed-value and value of saving time, movement and energy.
  • Economic growth is explained as one that comes from technological advance, accruing of capital, finding a new resource like coal or oil and from several other causes, never as a result of higher values.
  • Economic growth is one aspect of social growth which happens by itself as the baby grows into adulthood. The fact is the child grows and food aids. In a dead child food cannot aid growth.

Growth is there on its own, self-existent.

Food, air, care are adjuncts, not primary.

Society grows by itself.

One aspect of social growth is economic growth.

Resource, money, technology are adjuncts.

A non-growing society cannot be made to grow by resources, money, technology or values.

That growth is by self-conception.

  • As social growth has been explained in many ways, I now try to explain it by values. I limit the discussion to money, do not extend it to society.
  • Society by its growth makes life more convenient, enables man to enjoy comfort. This is an expression of Good will.
  • Good will of the society has made individual lives so far comfortable, literate, hygienic sanitary, etc. Now, after offering the individual ever so many things the society has come to offer more for less, more of technology for a lesser cost.  This is the latest expression of society's Good Will.
  • In this process, society finds itself with a glut of money in the Western hemisphere where no ready use for its employment can be found. There is NO understanding and no attempt at understanding how this is happening. I define this situation as the point in the growth of money as maturity, i.e. it can multiply itself.
  • Sooner or later society will extend this capacity of itself to the individual i.e. any individual can multiply his own funds. For that, the society should further advance.
  • A man who knows a book is written can get it when it is published or get a copy of it before publication if he can reach the author.
  • Any individual who knows that one day society will offer him this capacity can NOW get it for himself, if he can reach the psychological source of it in the society, i.e. its own GOOD WILL. He can do so by his own good will.
  • He must have good will and must develop it to the point of its self-multiplying in him.
  • Then the social good will of self-multiplication of money will descend on him as his own personal capacity.
  • Let us take rural and metropolitan values and Indian and US work values.
  • It is obvious that two communities--one in the village and the other in Bombay--doing the same work and comparable in all ways except in their values, differ in their results. The difference directly issues out of their different values. Maybe the results are five or ten times better in the city and expressed in monetary terms, the higher values have created a higher volume of money.
  • Values are creative of money by themselves. This is not a difficult argument to concede.
  • If we take two individuals comparable in age, education and circumstances differing vastly only in values, we can see their achievements are vastly different. Here too, we can say values produce money.
  • There is no single act which does not carry a value positive or negative.
  • In the above mentioned rural and urban communities we can see about a hundred values differing - punctuality, cleanliness, fair price, absence of negotiation, delivery on time, courtesy, pleasantness, safety, the other man's point of view, etc. etc.
  • If one community gives its individual a monthly income of Rs. 2000 and the other 20,000, we are justified in saying those values have created ten times more wealth.
  • To call Mother is to acquire the value of Mother's consciousness in a summary way. To accept Mother's values in each item of work and then call Mother is the highest one can rise to.
  • It will be interesting to have an exhaustive list of values in the work on hand and evaluate the client on a scale of 1 to 100 and ourselves - our seriousness or commitment - on a similar scale.
  • Trying to raise the client on the scale to 100, and raising ourselves to 100 on our scale will be ideal. Calling Mother and expressing that calling in work by integrating the calling and the systems will be equal to doing both.
  • We can make that the goal or the beginning, as anything can be the beginning.
  • This is another way of putting the same arguments about values for results.
  • Values have a double opening in the language of His yoga.
  • One goes up raising its perfection, reach, amplitude and scope.
  • The other goes down taking the progress of the mind to the vital and the physical.
  • Two ways of progress are:

1. Make ten percent progress on each of the 70 fronts.

2. Make 100% progress in one of the essential values and attempt only that much required for this from other values though they are 1 or 2%.

  • He who gets the capacity as an individual to self-multiply his own money obviously as a pioneer gets the advantage of it and therefore more of it.
  • In one sense, self-multiplication is like the artesian well endlessly supplying water.
  • In another sense, it is like one seed sprouting into a plant and giving hundreds of seeds.
  • In a third sense, self-multiplication is self-existing as well as multiplying on its own.
  • Language in an individual is not born in the beginning. A child hears for a long time and suddenly breaks out into speech of a few words. Those few words, as it were, grow on their own to become full speech. In a few, it further grows into fluency, eloquence and public speech. Speech self-multiplies as it gathers inside as thoughts.
  • Money is NOT a thing. It is a SYMBOL. It is a symbol of human trust, trust of each other and the organised sector of the collective and the good sense and good will of the unorganized collective.
  • Murder for the joy of murder, highway robbery, rape, might is right, deceit, travel dangers, protection from natural calamities, etc. are the signs of society giving up violent ways of life. All these are less today than before.
  • Law, law enforcing authority, army guarding the frontiers are now available.
  • Society compels the individual to accept its good will in education, health, etc.
  • Protection of life through insurance and pension benefits is a symbol for the individual that he can trust the collective.
  • If TRUST can be quantified we can say trust has increased one thousand times more than before.
  • This trust is money. The trust is growing endlessly in endless ways.
  • As all the property in the society is not yet converted into money, only a part of this trust is converted into money. Man has potentials of service that are not fully utilized.
  • The lightning speed of the computer increases the real money.
  • All basic components of "MONEY - The Symbol" such as goods, services, speed, space, and trust are daily increasing.
  • Only part of these are in known forms of money. Hence the scope of increasing in quantity is there for money. And that scope is infinite.
  • As the well-educated man has more knowledge and more knowledge of language than he is now finding use for in life and conversation, man has not yet found extensive use for money enough to exhaust its present volume.
  • Investment in property beyond a limit is of bygone days. Lending for interest is equally otiose. Man has not grown culturally developed enough to use the increasing volume of money meaningfully.
  • Increasing volume of money in several ways, lack of cultural equipment to use money, decreasing cost of several things are the immediate reasons for the abundance of money.
  • Self-multiplying arises from an apparently different cause. One explanation is man's self-confidence, because of increasingly available credit, is fast growing. Money multiplies because of this very self-confidence.
  • The theme of self-multiplying is a theme in biology, society, economics as well as in Spirit. It needs a longer and separate discussion.
  • Self-multiplication is a biological fact. I believe it increases as forms evolve.
  • All social forces insist on multiplication initially, and later self-multiplication until the entire society is saturated with that activity.
  • Success succeeds in vitality. The conqueror becomes more equipped to conquer further with each conquest. Nothing succeeds like success is a theme.
  • Ideas multiply. We can say self-multiply.
  • The One becomes the Many without diminishing the One, which is the basis for all self-multiplication.
  • It is said that all have the trait of infinity, matter, life, mind, etc.
  • Further, any single principle has its opposite.
  • And each principle is infinitely expanding on both sides positive and negative.
  • And each phenomenon is thus infinite.
  • Each Form is infinite.
  • Energy, Force, Form, event, principle, phenomenon are infinite in their innate character.
  • Energy or form is initially created, supported in their existence up to a point. Then it strikes roots, becomes self-existent and later multiplies. Finally, they take on themselves self-multiplying to fulfill their destiny of infinity.
  • If everything is infinite and takes on self-multiplication at some time, money is not an exception.

story | by Dr. Radut