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Money, a Social Force


March 9, 2005

Sri Aurobindo calls Money a divine force now with the Asura to be won by the sadhak to be put under Her Feet.  In the gradation of human consciousness we find the levels of material force, vital force, mental force, spiritual force as Supramental Force.  I call the vital force here as social force.  The mental force is really the psychological force.

Money is a mental organisation of social forces.  Mind sees products moving in barter generating a force in society, especially when trade develops and the transactions multiply.  Apart from being an exchange medium Money represents a social force and governs it.  As it is a representative of social transactions, it can master or manipulate those transactions if it chooses.  That which uses this social force is the personality of the society and in the individual, it is the individual's  personality that imparts the character to money.  Money, being a tool, is neutral and has no character of its own.  Man can give money a human character, a social character, a psychological character or divine character.  Each of these can be either positive or negative.  Presently money has accumulated complete negative character as we witness in a bargain.  Man taking the other's point of view in a bargain is unknown.  It is to give money a positive character.  That one change of attitude ALONE can multiply one's income ten fold, be it an individual or a company.  Character apart we readily see Money becoming a human force in a bargain.

Bargain is one aspect of human life.  One can visualise Money in all human transactions and realise it is a human force.  In that measure MAN can master money, a human mastery.  From there he can move to see Money as a social force in every aspect of its movement - transport, education, government, international, military etc.  A complete GRASP of what money is and how it acts as a social force, when it is saturated in the Mind, helps the Mind enter the Zone of social mastery of Money.  Being on the positive side makes it easy for mastery as on the lower negative false side one needs not only to master their ways but needs to have the strength necessary to withstand their impact.  The higher force of consciousness in the devotees can readily descend into them for them to acquire the mastery of money as a social force.  A corrupt politician rises by his dark strength of mafia, while an honest politician is readily supported by the abundant honest forces at his disposal.  It is a mental exercise on the yogic plane, which is vastly helped by clearer theoretical understanding.  This yogic exercise can lead one to mastery of money in his world, whatever that world is.

Beyond is a similar far more powerful psychological force of money.  The spiritual force of money and Supramental force of money are infinitely vaster than them and lie beyond not available to gross thought.  It is somewhat available in its fringes for SILENT thought.  A positive Mind that is true, enjoying clarity of thought in the fullest measure - thought about Money- by its concentrated application can know the truth explained here.  This TRUTH can be converted into power by that Mind when it wants to act.  At that point what is at his disposal will make his conception of infinite financial resources childish.

story | by Dr. Radut