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Money and Human Nature


Money is a marvelous power which Man longs for over the ages. What he yearns for is really the Divine Money. In his low consciousness he thinks he is asking for plenty of money in his greed. Even here, it is indispensable that there is a human choice. It is up to us. In either case, what we seek is ultimately the Divine. My aim is to show man what he really aspires for through his unconscious, low attitudes. He seeks Money, the currency bills with which he can shop. I want to show him the Money that represents the Divine. That Divinity is seen in the capacity of Money for self-multiplication which man understands as his own increasing power of ego. Whatever he may construe it is, it is the divine power of money. To acquire the divine power is to reach the Divine in some measure. Let man see that Money self-multiplies. Let him see that he can create endless quantities of money. That power is there in money. It has started surfacing since 1980 because of the Internet. He can SEE it now, if he chooses. He can get it if he makes a mental effort. This power being so real, so great, even a mental comprehension can become the power in some measure. Every man will be eager to reach it as children take to Harry Potter. No man will refuse or hesitate. It is in our power of SINCERITY to present it to him. Compare it with a physical person or a vital person, ignorantly aspiring for the Supreme Supramental Consciousness. If his Sincerity is granted, it means he seeks self-awareness in his mind. It also implies a sincerity in his emotional will to accept readily what his highest enlightenment reveals. A man is what he does, what he feels, more than what he thinks of himself and speaks out. Look at all the acts he does. He seeks to possess. It is the trait of the physical. He seeks to dominate. It is vitality. Let him see it in a hundred acts of his. Now his mental sincerity shows in his unreserved acceptance of it as an idea. His vital sincerity is revealed in his full acceptance of that emotional reality. Should he do it, the first step is taken. He must constantly endeavour to maintain it. Hereafter his trying to be a mental man and a mental man aspiring for the Supramental has the same procedure which sums up as,

            -- Try exhaustively NOT to be what you are;

            -- Recast all your activities around the spiritual centre

It is given by The Mother as the ten rules of Psychic Education. She starts with the top level.

            1. Do not rely on mind; have faith in the Spirit.

                Do not try to possess or dominate, rely on rational thought.

            2. Do not seek comfort. Do not seek psychological comfort.

            3. Don't do what you like, like what comes to you as work.

                Spread yourself, expand yourself in the aspirations of people around you.

            4. Don't complain of others; if you can, you can change them.

                Complain against yourself, change inwardly, if you can.

            5. See the world as your reflection.

                See the family and company as your reflection.

                It is the real inside.

6. Move towards the Divine every second.

    Remind yourself of your rational decision all the time.

            7, 8, 9, 10.  Consecrate eating, sleeping, talking and acting.

Any man will be serious and sincere if he understands he can make tons of money in doing the above. The American settler SAW it in real terms and flew towards that. He made that money and rules over the world. He did it physically. Here, it can be done vitally. The American made all the money he needed to dominate the world. Here, Man can make all the Money the world is capable of possessing. It is the infinity in the infinitesimal. It is up to him to comprehend the argument, explain to himself in emotional terms, examine his money value in its various expressions and SEE his mental values of Money undergo in his mental comprehension the changes Mother wants Man to undergo in the Psychic Education, a version of which is given above. The thing needed is SINCERITY. It is a sincerity of mental values, sincerity of emotions towards others, sincerity of physical sensation to all (universal). In his own mind personally, in his emotions socially, universally in his sensation, MAN needs to change or reverse his MONEY values in real terms. Doing that much, all the money due to his consciousness will move towards him. His inner sincerity will be fully reflected in the outer sincerity of Life Response. Will he come to grant

            -- what he is really inside;

            -- that he should move towards his ideal.

Will he examine every minute detail of his life in the last thirty days or hundred days or one year in the light of the searchlight? Does he aspire for everyone's luck? everyone around him? Will he refuse to stand in the way of anyone getting his Mother's DUE? That ideal above translates into this practice in the field.

Crossing the Border

Is there a border, a term, a boundary? If so, what is it? How to cross it? It is the point at which the limited turns into the unlimited. The Indian world believes in karma and fate. For them, the boundary lies between the Force and consciousness. We can say Being instead of consciousness. In our prayers, we see that the law itself changes to confer a single, little benefit on it. It is not the finite becoming the infinite; it is the personal changing into the impersonal. When discussions of an idea sap our energy, the talk moving to trivial facts restores our energy. It is the energy being free from the all-absorbing idea and turning to the small details that need a little energy. At night, when sleep overcomes an information we await restores our energy at a higher level. It is interest, not infinity. Even when the ego and evil rise out of all proportions, HE says it is immensity they reach, not infinity. With respect to money, billions are immensity. For many of us, millions are immensity. Man would be more than satisfied with that. What I outline is not that. I have in mind crossing the border in essential terms into the infinity of Being and consciousness. And from there confer on humanity infinity or immensity. The Spiritual Individual cannot rest satisfied with anything less than the true infinity. It matters not what the world is willing to receive from him. It may be immensity or even mere abundance or just plenty of prosperity. The vital man or the physical person desiring to raise himself to the plane of mind should really follow the Psychic Rules to reach the Supramental consciousness. Below each such rule I have written the vital man's version. He should aim at the very highest. He said that He had prayed to the very highest for the greatest of boons and it was granted. That being the spiritual context, our aiming at the next best will be self-defeating. One index that we are on the right track is at times when our energies are sagging below a low point, ONE of these ideas set out above must be able to restore our energies. At least sleep must revive those energies. It is a symptom of our sincerity in the physical, if not in the physical consciousness. Anything may fail, not Sincerity. I demand sincerity of emotional understanding with respect to money values in the mind.


An honest person becomes a positive instrument of power. Jayalalitha is a negative instrument of power. If you decide to use money only positively, you become a positive instrument of money. The Islamic injunction against money lending for interest is an instance. I go still further. Money has power. Its power can be used to negotiate in one's favour unjustly. It can be used to keep people under control. As official authority can be unjustly or unfairly extended to intrude into one's personal affairs, money can be used.

   All uses of money for which it is NOT intended are areas that can become extremely positive or negative.

   As Mother acts through the unorganised personality to bring grace into a man's life, man can use the unintended uses of money to make it more creative than what it is. It is the same area that can be negatively exploited. 

   If a tenant is unfairly asked to vacate and relying on law he refuses, the landlord goes to his creditor to bring pressure. This is a negative use. To desist from all such negative uses of money and actively seek the avenues of positive use, is to become positive towards money. The Muslims have vowed not to earn interest. I am asking you to vow not to put money to any single negative use.

   The monies that you use become positive by your becoming positive. The only example I could think of was Law which is always positive. Today money is not that positive. For money to become that positive, Society must become positive to a degree. 

   When a devotee makes money positive in his life, the subtle influence will be felt all over. 

  By making money abundant, the power it has by its scarcity can be lessened. Scarcity gives a negative power. Suppose money can be generated ten fold today, those who are incapable of generating money will be able to use its power. In its origin money made the excess energy of the virile available to those who were deficient in energy. A similar thing will happen today. 

   Practically you can do two things: 

   1) Earn a great abundance of it; 

   2) Use it only positively. 

The real work has to be done in the mind and it should be persuaded to give up its low, negative values. 

story | by Dr. Radut