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  • Work in the office for 8 hours is the productivity of the society.
  • Anyone is 10 times more productive than the social productivity.
  • Outside his work, he can be 10 times more productive.
  • Coming out of work, he replaces 8 hours of slow productivity by greater productivity.
  • A policeman takes hundreds of decisions a day, while in routine work he may do so once or twice.
  • Fast circulation changes a slow citizen into a high level CEO or a high placed politician.
  • Each decision is work, work is money.

Two sides of Money

  • One is that expands the user, the other is that contracts the user.
  • Speed is only one criterion. The trust with which a transaction takes place is far greater criterion.
  • The distance it travels denotes space.
  • Character of money, whether it furthers social evolution or helps maintain status quo, e.g. discounting bill.
  • The 'knowledge' the instrument of negotiation carries -- cheque, credit card, bank,
  • The will that subscribes to the knowledge -- risk involved
  • the quality of transaction -- hard bargain, fixed price.
  • The Truth it represents or the falsehood.
  • The ORGANIZATION the transaction represents.
  • The period in which it takes place -- 1929 is different from 1999.

Creation of money will be infinite when the vital energy to use it is exhausted.

1. Money is created by human trust, individual and collective.
2. Money is primarily an ORGANIZATION.
3. It  is integrated, as every other organization is, with all the existing organizations and similarly with future organizations.
4. Money is essentially an organisation of the mind, even as production is physical, and combat is vital (nervous energy).
5. Therefore, money is capable of infinite expansion, since it is of the mind whose faculties are infinite.
6. Production (physical) and distribution (vital, i.e. nervous plane of energy) can be limited, but money does not suffer from that limitation, even when it is based on production. This is so because essentially money is created on the basis of human trust which is infinite.
7. Presently, currency circulation represents the production of the nation. It does not fully reflect the entire nation's wealth. Should it do so, the present real money in terms of currency can be expanded as many times as the wealth exceeds production, i.e. ten to hundred times.
8. As hire purchase is money based on future earnings, all the future earnings can be NOW represented  by currency, i.e. money supply in real terms can rise one hundred to one thousand times.
9. Money is inexhaustible, like solar energy, and the world need not face the lack of it. Endless prosperity can be instantaneously ushered in.

10. Banks are known to have multiplied their deposits nine times in creating credit. What the service sector has done is greater, but it is not yet recognized.
11. A very juvenile attempt that is distantly based on the fringe penumbra of this perception is complementary currency, which exists in 1400 places in the world. This is childish, but symptomatic.
12. As nations can multiply their money supply enormously, an individual too can do so. In other words, as educational opportunities were opened up to humanity as soon as printing was discovered, only limited by individual effort, money can open up to any man NOW.

story | by Dr. Radut