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Money & Creative Power Mind


                                                                                                November  4, 1999

   Mind is the last strand in creation, says Sri Aurobindo. The Absolute successively created Being, Consciousness, Ananda, and Supermind. Mind is a subordinate power of Supermind. Life is a creation of Mind and Matter is a dense form of Life. In dealing with the existence of evil in the world, Sri Aurobindo says there is no evil really and what we know as evil is really an intense form of good, negative in our perception. Our perception is a mental perception which is the perception of divided consciousness. Evil disappears the moment our perception sheds its divided nature.

   The momentous discovery He is offering man is that the Spirit can move matter.  If Spirit is capable of moving matter, when we come down to mind from spirit and handle life which is higher than matter, it becomes an abridged version of the Master's theme. Our theme here is MONEY that is scarce today can be created in great abundance approaching infinite dimensions till, by virtue of its abundance, it will lose its value even as water and air. The basic assumptions of this theme are:

  • Money was originally created by mind.
  • The basic components of money are energy, organisation and human trust.
  • As man rises from the physical to the spiritual, his capacity to generate energy becomes greater.
  • A higher plane acting on a lower plane releases more energy than the lower plane can normally release.
  • If man, who now works physically or vitally, raises his work to the plane of mind, it can increase that release of energy enormously and if he then raises it to the spiritual, it can approach infinity.
  • Recently we are witnessing creation of money in vaster quantities by partial application of these principles such as quicker movements, greater symbolism, capacity to overcome spatial division, etc. Even a fuller exploitation of these powers of mind will render money vastly abundant all over the world.  Such a glut is witnessed in some sections of the population already.
  • A marriage of two organisations, such as telecommunication and computer, has been a landmark in social evolution. Rather, every major landmark had this characteristic. All the uncovered possibilities await our exploitation and it would make the whole world a hundred times more prosperous than now. Its one side effect will be a glut of money.
  • Printing, book publication, newspaper, radio and TV are as much institutions as money is. They have nearly saturated their use value and lost their value of scarcity or novelty. The phase of their combining with other institutions has begun.
  • While these developments so far are unconscious, we now plead for a conscious development in the field of money.
  • Production of money has moved from physical to the vital field and a little to the field of mind. It is possible to shift the plane entirely to the mind and even allow it to enjoy the benefit of Spirit.  We can discover that money can be created by mind.
  • Matter and Life have been created by mind.
  • Money is but a small part of Life. Therefore mind can create money and in abundance too.
  • Our goal is man becoming God who created all Life.
  • Man in his endeavour to become God, can create money, a part of life, and therefore it can have an infinite abundance.
  • Money is not unique, nor the first. Internet and e-mail have made communication abundant and almost free.
  • Air travel, Encyclopedia on the Internet are not direct expressions of the phenomena we speak of. They are partial expressions or penultimate steps towards our goal.
  • Life is a creation of Space and Time. Money is part of it. Space and Time are constantly being abridged which means money is becoming abundant.
  • 30 years of service now gives 30 years of pension which means his original salary was double in ‘current' dollars.
  • Work, exchange, trust, speed, longevity, organisation, energy, ideas are the several components of money. Mind can infinitely expand each of them.
  • We restrict our argument to mind and do not extend it to Supermind and spirit.
  • Wealth, sex, and power are attractive to the ego. When the ego is shed, it will have wealth under its control. He can create all the wealth, possess all power and enjoy delight, more than Ananda.
  • Man can dissolve ego and ‘organise' in a non-ego centre.

Components of the method:

  • To create money is not so difficult as to prepare the society to avail of it. In this article, we concentrate more on the readiness of the individual than on the wider social readiness.
  • Man, even as science is practicing, must have the full knowledge of the process of creation of money. Knowledge of the process and Energy = Money.
  • It must be a knowledge of the reality of money, not its appearance.
  • Knowledge and Energy = Abundant money.  Knowledge and Mother's Energy = Infinite abundance of money.
  • That knowledge must be flawless and PERFECT.
  • Energy must travel through force, power and skill to change into money.
  • The chain must be unbroken and strategies all the way through must be right.
  • Result is instantaneous when perfection is reached.
  • Any individual can benefit from it if SOCIETY is ready.
  • One can convert ALL his energy into money, but it is not wise or called for.

As this is a principle of higher life, for this to work, one should have moved away from the lower life in the sense he should not try to use this power to suppress others. It is more important for man that others should be put down than he should rise in prosperity. The above strategy will work ONLY for those who delight in the higher prosperity of all around them.

story | by Dr. Radut